Save A Life Maybe?

Save A Life Maybe

Save A Life Maybe?

Why is it like, when someone dies of suicide, only then the world starts sharing about how important mental health is, how depression is a serial killer, and so on so forth. With time passing by, all these years I’ve realized how difficult it is to do life when even the closest people you have are unable to understand your mind.

It is when you start keeping everything to yourself and don’t see any good in talking about what is not right inside. And it gets worse with the everyday struggle of trying to hold it back and pretending to be okay when you’re actually not. Slowly and gradually either you give up, or you become numb to the fact that your feelings and sensitivity don’t matter for the insensitive world that is often found preaching morals as idealism.

This world, the society, it’s a sickening place to be in when we actually have a look at the dirty corners that are polluting lives ruthlessly. We do need to realize that life isn’t the same for everyone out there, we need to be a little more kind, a little more empathetic and less full of ourselves. But the question is, who is actually seeing this and the importance of doing what is needed to be done, I bet only a few. Sigh.

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