10 Safety Tips For Domestic Violence

domestic violence safety tips

5. Refrain from talking about your plans. 

Because domestic violence is such a sensitive and dangerous situation for you as a victim, do not make the mistake of divulging your intention of leaving to anyone. You can never know for sure who you can trust when it comes to this. Try to be as quiet and sneaky as you can. 

If you tell your plans to someone else, there is a possibility that the other person might contact your abuser and expose you. Some may think that they are doing this for your own good, and some may simply do it because they are equally as evil as your abuser.

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6. Apply for child custody. 

Another important thing that you should do, is to apply for the custody of your children. Abusers tend to use children to emotionally manipulate their victims into coming back to them. In order to be one step ahead of your abuser, quietly apply for sole custody of your children in a family court. 

This way, you will not just protect your children, but you will also protect yourself from getting emotionally blackmailed and manipulated into going back to that hell-hole. The moment the court rules that you are the sole guardian of your kids, there’s nothing your abuser can do.

7. Contact the police. 

If your partner is an extremely dangerous person, then do not hesitate to contact the police for protection. Have them on speed dial and call them whenever the situation escalates and you feel that your life is in danger.

You should also contact them and request them for protection when you plan on leaving. In case you need to go back to your abuser’s home to take something important, explain to them the gravity of the situation and insist on a police escort. 

8. Have a secret mobile phone.

When you are planning on escaping from domestic violence, you need to be as careful and private as you can. If your abuser is someone who always checks your phone to monitor what you are up to, then it’s best if you have a second mobile phone for yourself. This will help you maintain privacy from the watchful eyes of your tormentor.

In case you have to contact any helplines, the police, or a trusted friend/family member, then do that from your secondary cell phone. There are many domestic abuse shelters and women shelters that provide free cell phones to victims, so try to get in touch with them to know more. 

9. Build a list of emergency contacts. 

When you are a victim of domestic violence, it is crucial that you have a list of emergency contacts saved in your phone and diary. In case you are not able to reach the police, then call any of your emergency contacts to help you when you need it. It can be your family members, friends, helpline numbers, shelters numbers, and even, neighbors.

The more allies you have on your side, the better protected you will be. Once you leave, you will be able to stay with these people temporarily, until you find a place of your own. They can also provide you with ample emotional and mental support, which is desperately needed during such a tumultuous time.

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10. Keep in touch with domestic violence shelters. 

If you do not have any friends or family who you can trust, then the best option for you is to fall back on domestic violence shelters and women’s shelters. Shelters normally keep their locations confidential so that abusers fail to locate their victims. They also have ample space and provisions for accomodating both mothers and their children.

Additionally, shelters help victims in looking for permanent jobs, a home, and all those necessary things that can help them in living a decent life. Another amazing thing about women’s shelters is that can help you further by referring you to important services like counseling/therapy, legal help, financial help, employment programs, and health-related services. 

Being a victim of domestic violence and going through something as horrifying as this can leave behind scars that are difficult to heal. Even if you escape from your abuser, you might go through frightening memories, upsetting emotions, and have a constant sense of danger.

But it’s important that you work towards healing yourself and moving on so that you can have a better life. A life that will be full of love, happiness, and positivity. A life like that may seem impossible right now, but as long as you are strong and have faith in yourself, you will be able to have any kind of life you want.

If you want to know more about domestic violence and what you can do about it, then check this video out below:

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Domestic violence
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10 Safety Tips For Domestic Violence
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10 Safety Tips For Domestic Violence
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