10 Safety Tips For Domestic Violence

domestic violence safety tips

7. Religious or spiritual abuse

  • Coercing you into raising your children according to religious or spiritual beliefs you don’t believe in.
  • Using religious beliefs to control you, and even hurt you.
  • Prohibiting you from practicing your spiritual and religious beliefs.
  • Exploiting certain religious practices to force you to stay in the marriage, assault you, and even forbid you from getting medication.

8. Stalking and harassment

  • Calling you and harassing you via telephone.
  • Watching you and following you everywhere.
  • Turning up at your home without any notice, and continuing to lurk around.
  • Tracking your movements with GPS, and trying to intimidate you, whenever you bump into them.
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10 Safety Tips For Domestic Violence

Here Are 10 Safety Tips For Domestic Violence

domestic violence safety tips info
10 Safety Tips For Domestic Violence

1. Zero in on who you can trust. 

The very first thing you should think about is who you can trust blindly to aid you in escaping from a situation like this. You have to be extra careful and not just trust someone, just because you are close to them. Ask for help from someone who will be ready to assist you throughout the whole thing, and not someone who will run the moment something goes wrong. 

Because you will be living with your abuser, you might not be able to buy all the necessities yourself. So, you can ask this friend to do that for you and get it delivered to their address or the address you provide them with. This person should have the capability to help you with your preparation and also help you with handling everything perfectly. 

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2. Point out what kind of things you should pack. 

Even though trying to escape from domestic violence is a big step in itself, you also need to plan a little bit, so that you can survive properly. Once you leave, do not look back or go back to your abusive partner at any cost. In order to make sure that you will be fine on your own, you need to prepare a few things beforehand.

Decide what kind of clothes you will need, especially when it comes to your children. Make sure that you pack their school uniforms, school shoes, and their books. Apart from that, pack in enough money to last you for a few weeks, enough clothes and shoes for yourself, medicines, toiletries, important certificates, passport, official documents, bank documents, and your social security number. 

3. Register for different kinds of assistance. 

When you are on your own, you will need to do everything you can to take care of yourself and your kids. Going back to your abuser for any kind of assistance is strictly a no-no. That is why you need to know exactly what you have to do to protect and assist yourself.

If you have a caseworker, then request them to insert a domestic violence waiver in your file. This will stop them from taking into your abuser’s income and other financial information for consideration, and will also stop them from requesting it.

Additionally, apply for ample food stamps, medical assistance, and public assistance. 

4. Consult a professional for a restraining order.

Having a restraining order might seem extreme, but it is one of the best ways you can protect yourself, especially if your partner is a very dangerous person. But instead of doing that yourself, consult a professional and let them guide you through the whole process of having an air-tight restraining order. 

Many times, lots of restraining orders are rejected because they are not filled in properly, and due to other silly mistakes. That is why taking help from a professional is ideal in such situations. Additionally, include a specific and strict set of consequences for your abuser, if they ever try to contact you and hurt you, in any way. 

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