It Saddens Me That The More “Religious” Some People Get

It Saddens Me That The More Religious Some People Get, Their Hatred For others Increases

“It saddens me that the more “religious” some people get, their hatred for others increases. Your love is supposed to increase, you’re supposed to forgive other people’s ignorance and educate them, you’re supposed to be more kind, more tolerant, wiser. Yet as some people get more religious the only thing people focus on is how wrong everyone is and how right they are.”

21 thoughts on “It Saddens Me That The More “Religious” Some People Get”

  1. Secularism has become a religion of hate and intolerance in itself. Religion is not the problem. Group think, moral high ground and the actions of individuals are the greatest motivators of hate. Hate isn’t about a person who believes in something (that assumption is hateful in and of itself). In fact, most true believers are more loving in practice than those who believe in nothing or follow hateful ideas. It is the fake believers and conditioned acolytes (religious and more often secular) who seem to use their belief’s as an excuse to treat others poorly.
    I am agnostic so I have no dog in the fight. The evidence and rationale are plain however

  2. That’s where ur wrong.
    Religious people are SELF RIGHTEOUS. They are more holy then anyone else.
    Christians show U the love of Christ and wouldn’t CONDEMN.
    believe me this two are totally different.

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