In Your Rush To Give Him Support You Never Realized The One Holding Your Fort

Karthik Parthasarathy 

In your rush to give him support
You never realized 

the one holding your fort
Don’t you worry about it though
With me, what you reap 

is definitely not based on 
what you sow.

Hrisha Paul 

The love you give, 
always comes back to you.
Sometimes from the unfavorable sources.
Cycle of love is eternal, 

independent and self-sustained.

Jaimie Mazzone 

I shall give you shelter from the rain. 
I see your good deeds 
when others may not notice. 
Be an umbrella for others 
for we are in this storm together.

Sowmiya Kalyanaraman 

Let’s reach out 
to shelter those in need
Let’s break free 

from our holds of greed
Let’s be, throughout a sincere friend,
Our guardian angels 

will watch over us, till the end

Rinku Shah 

Don’t run after what’s not yours,
And miss a love more than pure
The one who doesn’t realise your value,
Will never let you be ‘You’.
Turn around and see 

who’s got your back always,
Showing his love in so many ways!

Tanu Malhotra 

Love.. is not to run after, 
or be sought for.
Pure love will reach you at the right time, 

while you remain where you are 
and, as who you are.

Roma Manglani 

..and the chain of unrequited love continued. 
With each rainstorm it got darker and denser. 
The wet eyes and the melted hearts, 
are in perfect sync with the falling raindrops!

Tittit Zubeldia 

There she goes running 
in aid of him again,
though he cares not 

about her in the rain,
As obliviously he squanders 

her pained devotion
my heart yearns to shelter her 

in genuine affection.

Reema Singh 

Stop running after the people 
who least care about u.
Just stop turn around
And see those 
who are 

running behind you.

Rinku Shah 

Why chase the one 
who doesn’t love you?
And in the bargain 

miss the one who does.
Pick wisely!

Rachel Grubb

May we all have an umbrella 
to share each other’s storm.

Aima Martinez 

And he loves me 
as much as I have loved you.

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