As the roads diverged into two, I thought I took the one I wanted to!

Karthik Parthasarathy 

As the roads diverged into two,
I thought I took the one I wanted to!
Little did I know, I was just an avatar,
in the game of life played afar.
Right or wrong, who am I to judge?
Not in my hands, 

please don’t hold a grudge.


Sarrvesh Waran 

The angel and the devil 
playing side by side 
to determine the path 
which only I should decide. 
Every path I choose to walk, 
happens because of my soul. 
In which, the angel and the devil in me 
also plays a role


Rinku Shah 

Gaming addiction!
It’s my life, not fiction.
Angel and the Devil,
Competing to win each level.
Till I reached a crossroad,
Abandoned their game in the pause mode
From now on I make the choices,
Drowning all the voices!


Ramya Raghuraman 

At crossroads the game begins,
I am the subject of the game 

irrespective of who wins
Whoever influences my path,
I will travel without any wrath
Over the course of my travel
The devil would have been defeated 

by my angel


Anjana Surendran 

In the distinctive 
and ever experimental roads of life 
the battle between inner-self 
and societal-self was transcending 
making me bait of their traps 
for I was turned to mere game 
stuck in the levels.


Nuhrez Khan 

At the crossroads as I stood
contemplating the day ahead,
little did I know the games being played
and the ways I am being judged.
Unknown to me is the path ahead
and I am here at the crossroads again 
contemplating the day ahead.


Faith Dunsmuir 

In life you have a choice, 
the path you take depends on 
who’s game you’re playing.


Ann Doherty 

We each have a good and bad side 
which grows stronger is our choice

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