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How To Rise Above Victim Mentality and Get Back Your Power

And when we do that we develop so much strength that these emotions have no power on us, we can deal with them head-on.

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It is the higher state of one’s self that is empowered. In this state we are thankful for whatever happens as we are healed to the core. Our perspective is expanded and we find ourselves in a loving place.

You then understand the strength of love and realize love is the only weapon man was ever given.

 “Kindness is loving people more than they deserve.” ~ Joseph Joubert

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There is also another way of looking at it. We can borrow the example from the spiritual masters like the Dalai Lama, Jesus, Buddha, and others. They showed us that it is possible no to control, manipulate, or exert force on others, and still not blame them for anything.

How did these spiritual masters found completeness within their own being while they were insulted, abused, and even persecuted? How did they remain unaffected and blessed everyone around them?

These great souls knew that love alone has power. They were at such a high level of consciousness that they could not only love themselves unconditionally and bless everyone but they humbly accepted everyone the way they are.

When we have such love within us, we are able to identify the innocent heart behind an angry demeanor. We address their anger with love rather than blaming them or resorting to violence to defend ourselves against them.

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So, when someone treats you poorly, realize that their reaction is the pain in which they are engulfed and their attack is not necessarily directed to us. However, this argument should not be used to put up with mental and physical abuse in any form.

People in pain are more likely to act under the effect of anger. When we have extended levels of awareness we are capable of offering love to all and it comes out of the realization that all people deserve to be love. The mean and venomous, even more.

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The ability to be completely honest with oneself about their life experiences is the only tool and using love is the only “defense mechanism” to deal with people who try to victimize us. With time when this realization dawns on us we are not only healed from within but also heal those have pained us.

The love power is so strong that the ‘bully’ with these people will escape and they will ultimately surrender their scare tactics to gain power on us. And when they come in contact with someone who is full of love, the darkness within them fades and they too are lifted to higher levels of consciousness.


What do you do to rise above victim mentality and get back your power? Let me know in comments.

Rise Above Victim Mentality

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