If It’s The Right Connection, You Will Feel The Sparks

Debra Pry

If it’s the right connection,
you will feel the Sparks.

Barbara Bauer

Once the right connection
is found
magic happens!!

Sarrvesh Waran

Deep connections
don’t happen
with just anyone.
But when it happens,
it will be electric.
And it will be THE ONE.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Met many,
Got to know a few,
Thought it wouldn’t work out with any,
When I saw you, I knew.
An epitome of compatibility,
That’s what we are,
Gives a sense of stability,
Best thing to happen to me, by far.

Rinku Shah

Love at first sight,
Not for me, it’s alright.
I’m in no hurry.
Fret, fume and worry.
And then…
A magnetic pull between us,
No time to think or fuss
True love was found thus!

Aditi Prabhu

As you meet people,
you understand about them
and more about you.
When you understand
yourself better
that is when you find
the right one for you.

Sulekha Pande

With the right connections,
everything falls into place.
Parts fit, sparks fly,
Love blooms.

M Jeyaram

The wait will turn out to be bright
when you sight the might.

Hrisha Paul

I met many experiences,
But only with you
the ever-sparkling connection
was built.

Arunima Bhardwaj

No one connects to me
the way you do.

Debbie Gurriere

He traveled around the world
to meet the girl next door.

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