Rich bandwidth Poor connections

Rich bandwidth Poor connections

Terry Martin


Rich bandwidth
Poor connections


Blaise Lotanna


We all want to find love
But it is love that finds us




The modern Cupid,
Shoots arrows of wifi..

We all bow down our heads
when it comes,
Succumbing to the power of internet.

The irony is, we all are connected
but really really alone.

In our very own world
looking on to the screen
of our phone.




The technological version
of “love is in the air”.
But as you can see dear,
love is not really love here.


Ankita Devadiga


Less love.. more chats
less humanity.. more people
Virtually connected.. physically disconnected..
We humans are almost killed
by wireless connectivity.


Manvi Jain


Internet is the new cupid.

Making senseless couples,
Innumerable fascination;

The arrow hits one,
Another’s obsession!


Rinku Shah


Those were the days when eyes met,
And the pace of hearts were set.
Now it’s the screen and tapping fingers
That has many guessing
and with doubt that lingers!


Rinku Shah


Romantic alliance
with modern technology,
Defies chronology
Change is frequent,
Relationships short lived
and only if convenient

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