” punarapi jananam,punarapi maranam,punarapi matra udare shayanam: birth and death and living in a womb, over and over and over again.”


what is the purpose of being born? to recognize youself,to recognize that u r neither the body nor mind but rather the eternal soul which is the ultimate unity- call it atma,parampurusha,brahman,or what u like

how one born in the wold though?what makes individual to take birth?some says karma is the root of everything,but when they ask the origin of karma they says karma is eternal.

but how is that possible?if karma is eternal how could anyone escape from it? actually law of karma is nothing but the newtons law of motion:each action there is equal but opposite reaction.

there is no fundamental difference between action and reaction since their relationship is such that whenever one occur the other has to follow; this is simple cause and effect.this is why they always says,“cause is effect concealed and effect is cause revealed”  when you know one you know the other.

if you know the potentiality inherent in the seed you can predict what sort of tree it will produce.if you know the egg you know the bird

if there is no end to action and reaction how could anyone get out of the whirlpool of of life? how could you ever hope to realize yourself? there must be the way out and there is.

to get out of grip of karma you must first realize that all karma is due to “RHUNA”- DEBT. karma can occur between two individuals only if there is some bondage of debt between them .

I call this rhunanubandhana (from sanskrut rhuna-det and anubandhana- bondage)

– aghori vimalananda

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