Returning Home

Returning Home

Throughout the upcoming weeks and months, we will be treating symptoms and conquering the spread of disease. But it will be impossible for us to avoid thinking about the real causes and reasons for what is happening. Along with a tremendous loss, we are also being given an incredible amount of lessons and an invitation to adjust our direction and attitude.

Our Planet Earth is offering us an opportunity to restore our relationship with it, a relationship that went astray and became unhealthy. Today, we get to see once more that Man is not a king of the jungle. We are not the owners, we are visitors who may be asked to leave at any time. We are fragile, yet so powerful. Powerful because of our unique role as owners of incredible intelligence and abilities to be our own narrator, mediator, and a judge who’d distinguish the right from wrong.

Today, the planet Earth came in with a reminder of our own potential and power that we hold within us to make a difference and heal.

If we do open our minds and use imagination to look at the events of today as a message from our loving Universe, what lesson would we learn? Would we admit that our focus and priorities have been shifted setting us on a faulty course? Is it time for a reality check, time to rethink, readjust, refresh, reset values, and directions? Is it time to be reminded that we cannot afford to take anything for granted any longer?

Would we learn to appreciate the smallest things and approach each beginning and passing day with gratitude? How many of us throughout these days have looked around and had a thought of how lucky he or she is to simply have a roof over the head, some food to eat and loved ones being healthy?

Will we consider inviting gratitude into our daily life and simply be grateful for a chance to be right here right now and for having what we have? Will we start celebrating our blessings? Would we come to see that happiness is not a goal or idea to chase, but is a state of mind and spirit achieved through simple gratitude? Can we return to our innocence? Can we look around and fall in love with the beauty of the world around us? Are we able to humbly accept these reminders of today with gratefulness?

A depth of human nature gets exposed during critical times. Under pressure, we express the best and worst in us in the most intense true colors. The good and bad will always be a part of our existence. But the beauty exposed during the times of loss and pain is the magical fuel and driving force that helps humanity to withstand the storms, transform and come out being better and stronger.

This is the time to rediscover the uniqueness that we hold within. All these acts of kindness, compassion, and togetherness rolling over the globe remind us of our true nature and of what really drives us forward. Our hearts are opening. We discover our vulnerability. We start to feel that we are becoming a little bit closer to each other, a little bit more connected. Regardless of borders, languages, religions, and cultures – we are still ONE, connected and united by one and only value and purpose – life. Togetherness in all its variations is the raft that may keep us afloat.

Why did we have to wait so long to open up? Today, we can come out on our balcony and sing a song out loud without being considered inadequate, we can share some joy freely to brighten up the day for others, we can gather to show appreciation, we find time to approach a neighbor and offer help. Today, we rediscover the power of the smallest acts of kindness and compassion. We learn that we cannot move forward if we do not move as ONE, in harmony, and in the same direction. As a hungry person is craving food, we rediscover the passion for life within us. We feel the urge to reconnect to our roots and origin.

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