Returning Home

Returning Home

Returning Home

Universe has a voice. It has a way of speaking to us and guiding us.

These days humanity is waking up to witness something unprecedented, something extraordinary. In all the attempts of reaching out to us, Universe has never raised its voice this high before. And it gives us no choice but to stop and listen. To really stop and listen.

Some higher forces have pushed a bottom and put the world on hold, this time, making it inevitable for us to look around, to look at ourselves and acknowledge things that we have been resisting to see. Stillness and silence have never been so outspoken.

The message is global. For the first time, the audience is not limited to one country or region or a group of people. It’s not a tsunami, earthquake, wildfire, or a flood destined to a specific place. Those warnings were not powerful enough to fully capture our attention, to engage us all to gather at the “round table”.

This time, a virus that covered the Earth reached every single country, every organization, every system, every nation, every human being of every walk of life and, most importantly, probably nearly every mind. It brought us fear, a very powerful tool, and one of the most effective agents known for being capable to force humanity to adjust its perspective. No matter how stable, wealthy, or secure one may have been until this date, the world itself is not the same for anyone, it is declaring a need for change.

Our world is one body, one organism, one heart, and one soul. It is suffering right now. And we are suffering within it. We all became equal through this suffering. Today, more than ever, we realize that we are ONE. 

Our planet is a unique, intelligent, and genius system that constantly needs to be in balance. It knows how to balance itself out. Every process has a reason. Every action has a reaction. Every cause has an effect. Everything is interconnected. Today, our planet Earth is manifesting its urge to restore the lost balance.

When we talk about the health of a human body, we know that any illness is not limited to a physical state. When our body gets ill, it alarms us that something that we do to our structure has brought us to misbalance. Our mental or spiritual state is directly connected to our physical body, which is an indicator, some kind of alarm. Based on that, we do not just treat symptoms, but we look at the deeper reasons and causes of illness.

Every illness comes to us as a warning, as a test or as a punishment. We listen to our disease, understand what it tells us and work things out. Our world functions just the same way as the human body does. Today, our world is not well, it is ill. We came to this collection. The whole of humanity became one, bearing witness to a dialogue between the Universe and a Man. Attributes like race, nationality, religion, language, wealth, sex, social status, size of a budget, or an army are suddenly fading away becoming less and less relevant. All of the things and ideas that we’ve been pursuing and prioritizing, mean nothing within this one conversation on our agenda today. A conversation about the one and only important thing that there actually is – LIFE.

With a touch of a simple virus, the Universe has brought us to our knees and made us stop and think. It brought loss. Quite often we tend to fail to appreciate something until it’s taken away from us. So today, we wear a suit of a mischievous kid, who needs to be taught a lesson to learn right from wrong. Our morning alarm went on and it’s inviting us to wake up to a brand new day, to a new reality, to a new vision.

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