Retrograde Saturn 2019 – How will this Affect You?



Aries: Work needs Patience

From April 30 anything that is work-related is slowed down while problems may occur regarding your evolution. Your bosses seem to be distant or distracted and you are feeling isolated, like an outcast. However, this is also a great time to research for things you can do (after September) in order to make things better or ever change jobs.

Taurus: Goals might delay

From April 30 you will experience a delay in everything that has to do with your academic life if you are a student or with intellectual matters in general. Your goals, in general, seem to fade away although that’s not the case. They just need your reassurance that you are devoted to them. Patience and you’ll get there.

Gemini: Taxes, debts and all the money you wish you had

Taxes, debts, and anything that has to do with money may don’t let you sleep at night. It feels that your worst nightmares may have stricken back. This challenging time should be faced with guts and patience. Manage your problems one step at a time until September, when things are going to be more easy to settle.

Cancer: Relationships and Partnerships go a rough time

All your serious and important relationships seem to harder to handle. If you are married or into a long-term relationship you may experience lack of understanding like you are talking to a different person. Moreover, your partnerships may go under pressure due to legal issues or plain paperwork.

Leo: Health is important

This is the time you care more about your health and your healthy habits. I strongly advise you to start a diet and look after yourself in any possible way. Make more quality time for you, see what is missing from your heart and start spending energy for your happiness and bliss.

Virgo: Flirts are supposed to make us happy

From April 30 things with your personal relationships and all those things that make you feel happy… can actually make you anxious rather than blissful. However, this is also the perfect time to see what is ruining your pleasure and try to fix it. Flirts become challenging and love life more serious.

Libra: Make a better home, heal your family

Your home and family are asking more and more of your time and energy. It’s probably for the best though, as you have to rectify your ‘personal shelter’ in order to endure more emotional pressure. Spend more time with people you call ‘family’ and make some pleasurable adjustments in your home, without spending a lot of money. Love is free yet priceless.

Scorpio: Friends need attention

Your closest friends as long as your brothers and relatives seem to bother you the following months. Did they change or did you? Well, we are not going to solve this issue right now but you do have to reconsider how you are interacting with them. You may have to spend more time with them and listen to their problems.

Sagittarius: Lack of Money and anxiety

It comes as no surprise that money can make you anxious and unfortunately everything material – related seem to bother you a lot from since April 30th. However, maybe this is the time to reconsider how do you spend your money and try to find things that make you happy and don’t cost any money.

Capricorn: You Come First!

This is the time you take a step back, relax and get things done slowly and steadily. It seems that during the past months you did a lot of progress yet you failed to maintain this ‘cornucopia’ you recently believed you could create. Time is not over, you still can do it but right now you have to focus on yourself and things that have to do with your personal well-being. YOU come first!

Aquarius: Your Heart Will Go On

It seems that your heart and soul are asking your attention. Your emotional status is pretty turbulent nowadays. Why? Probably because you feel disappointed or betrayed by others and yourself. However, what you really need to do is take an honest look and yourself and pay attention to your dreams. Yes! Your dreams. Write them down and you will probably discover something unique!

Pisces: Misunderstandings with Friends

Your friends seem pissed off or you feel that you had enough of them. However, don’t jump into conclusions because from April 30 misunderstandings are quite often and you should learn how to handle them. Moreover, you need to pay more attention when you are traveling or speaking in public.

Blessed be!