Are the divinatory and occult disciplines focusing on prediction still relevant in the hypermodern world of the 21st century? Let us dwell on the consequences to the predictive arts of some of the conclusions of quantum physics regarding Ultimate Reality. 

And, at the same time, let us learn how the exoteric and esoteric fields can come to a dialogue regarding the nature of man and the universe. Finally, let us understand what the modern psychic counselor should do as he/she gives advice to potential clients, in the context of this complex and modern world.


Reality is complex and multi-faceted.

The best and most intelligent quantum physicists are coming to understand more and more that the material universe in particular and Ultimate reality, in general, is a very complex meta-system, composed of levels upon levels of wholes, all interconnected and building upon each other. This interconnectedness is reflected, for example, in the immense capacity of the human brain. The human brain is composed of billions of neurons but it is the interconnections between them that are the foundations of intelligence. Astrologers, tarot readers, runemasters, psychics, fortune tellers, dream interpreters, archetypal psychologists and the like must understand this complexity of reality and factor as many variables as possible in a divinatory reading. When advising a client on a problem, psychic counselors should not ignore the full context of the situation. Consider as many parameters as possible.


Reality is participatory.

Those who probe very deeply into the nature of reality have realized that all the sentient beings of the universe participate in one degree or another in its continuous creation and dissolution. Everyone has a part to play in the great theater of life, the magnificent, awesome drama of reality. When a psychic reader counsels a client, he must not only read his fortune and destiny through the instruments at his disposal but also guide the client into the ways in which he can control his destiny. Every soul must be encouraged to play out his part and never neglect his duties to humanity in particular and the cosmos in general. Also, a psychic reader influences the result of a reading by his mere presence. This would be the application of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle in the realm of divination. Psychic readers, be aware of this phenomena. Be mindful of the way you enter and influence the world matrix of a client by your mere presence in a divinatory or occult reading.


Reality is a synthesis of structure and spontaneity.

Gone are the days when a psychic reader will probe into your future and announce line by line what your fortune shall be in the time frame in question. Such a thing is both irresponsible and a result of narrow sequential or linear thought. It is a limited form of guidance. Rather, an astrologer should explain that destiny is an interaction of both structured and unstructured elements. Some events are predestined because they are a function of the variables of the world matrix where you exist. For example, if a zygote has two x chromosomes, then the infant will turn out to be a female. On the other hand, if a zygote has an x and y chromosome, the baby turns out to be a male. In biology, many events have structured preconditions, based upon the laws of genetics and heredity. However, many events in the universe are creative and spontaneous, the flowering of which is a product of the decision-making of its many participants. As an example, suppose two lovers have decided to watch a movie. That specific movie will be a product of their combined aesthetic evaluations at that particular moment in time. The man has certain predilections, the woman has certain sensitivities. The choice of a movie is the result of a dialogue between two minds deciding on a common course of action. Thus, astrologers and their kind must endeavor to strike a synthesis between the announcement of fated events and the interpretations of events which are fluid and dynamic. Life is a combination of fate and chance, structure, and serendipity, destiny and creativity!


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