How To Respond To A Text From Your Ex

 December 24, 2018

How To Respond To A Text From Your Ex

3. Determine If They Make False Promises To You About The Future

Does he keep promising you the moon, but only giving you quicksand to sink in? If he says one thing and his actions say another, then more than likely he lacks integrity. And, there is a good chance he will not be able to meet your values and emotional needs if he hasn’t already this far.  

Walk the Talk. 

If he is just talking a good game, then you are better off walking. The best way to understand a man is through his actions. A high-value man will do more than just send a text message or call you. He will physically make plans to show you he cares and wants you to be a part of his everyday life by giving you the things you deserve. And, that does not mean materialistic items. We are talking about sharing the basic fundamentals of a relationship, such as love, support, loyalty, integrity, and commitment. 


4. Establish If Your Family and Friends Support This Person In Your Life

If you have been in a relationship longer than six months, your family and friends have probably heard of him or have even met him by now. And when you talk to them, you are either sharing good or bad news about your relationship. Sooner or later they will begin to chime in on their thoughts about your ex-boyfriend. 

What is the verdict? 

Do your family and friends fully support your relationship or are they providing feedback that you can do better? Sometimes when you fully embrace an intimate relationship, you do not always see it for what it is. Love is a funny thing at times. 

Love can often lead you down a path where you did not intend to go because you are emotionally high from the honeymoon phase. Having outsiders who unconditionally love you, like friends and family, provide their insightful perspectives can often be helpful when one is blinded by romantic love. Trust that your family and friends have your back.


5. Rule Out If He Is Just Stringing You Along Or Does He Really Love You

What do you think is the purpose of his text message? Do you feel he truly loves you and wants to work things out because the break-up was over something minor? Was your relationship stable prior to this break? Or is he just losing control because you are on vacation with your girlfriends and he is feeling territorial? 

You know him best. 

Chances are if it was a minor disagreement that led to the break-up and you have a healthy connection, then he may genuinely want to work through the differences within the relationship. On the contrary, if the relationship was unhealthy prior to the break-up and full of negativity, then he is more than likely just exerting control.  

So, how do you respond to his text? It is best to determine the overall health of the relationship prior to the break-up and the reason for your split. If it was not detrimental to your well-being or the trust of the relationship, then you may want to be open to working things out. However, if the relationship is costing you your emotional health, tears, and heartache day after day, then you are better off without your ex-boyfriend. Only you know what is best for you. 

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