7 Ways To Cope With People Who Want To Bring You Down

Ways to Cope With People

4. “Aim at contentment, not happiness.”

Happiness does not exist without having the ability to content oneself within the present moment, but contentment can do without. A happy person does not only smile at what is; she occasionally laughs her head off and emotes, while striving for goals and engaging full-heartedly in messy relationships.

I usually respond, “You be content. I’ll be happy and content.”

5. “Happiness is not a meaningful goal.”

This judgment comes from skeptical thinkers who, ironically, have not thought this one through. Whether happiness is or isn’t a meaningful goal surely depends on how happiness is defined.

If your definition is limited to good fortune and feelings, you derive little meaning. Contrary, if it is seeking excellence, being a good, loving person, or living an enlightened life, you derive great meaning. Offer your definition of happiness to the skeptic. Should he ignore it, he entertains a show in his head in which you play no role. That’s too bad. For him.

Maybe The Goal Shouldn’t Be Constant Joy Or Happiness
7 Ways To Cope With People Who Want To Bring You Down

6. “Happiness is an egotistical preoccupation.”

This negative perception should be easily corrected. Happiness is never a one-woman show but is born out of a sense of relatedness. Isolation is for rats.

7. “Happiness is idiotic.”

Many are triggered when it comes to happiness, but the uncontained among us might just lose it. When (mostly) men, pair raw aggression with confidence, they speak as they damn well, please. These days, the overly aggressive believe themselves in opposition to the politically correct—a lame excuse.

Take note of the lack of manners and ask for a more constructive choice of words. Be assertive without turning into a rude person yourself, as otherwise, you join his unhappiness. If all else fails, be ready to disengage. Happiness includes the willingness to set boundaries and say, “No, in the name of love.”

I bow to those who claim their right to live a fully engaged life. Stand strong in the face of negativity. And when you touch on your own, become aware, stay with it, do what you can, and let it pass.

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Happiness is something that is actually quite rare to come across, so when you experience it, you need to value it. You will meet all sorts of people in your life, but you will seriously need to ignore those people who threaten your happiness. After all, it is your life and you deserve to be happy.

If you want to know more about how you can ignore people who threaten your happiness and people who bring you down, watch this video below:

Written by Andrea F. Polard Psy.D.
Originally Published on Psychology Today

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Ways To Respond To People Who Bring You Down
7 Ways To Respond To People Who Bring You Down
Ways to Cope With People pin
7 Ways To Cope With People Who Want To Bring You Down
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