Resolutions: Should You Give Up or Get Back Up?


So, should I give up on that resolution?

Maybe if it was unattainable or in the spur of the moment of exuberance and champagne, but I am keen to believe that for most of us, our resolutions were made not on a whim but rather something that has emerged as it has stewed within us.

Getting a grasp on our addictions, whether it be laziness, overworking, distraction, fantasy, you name it, will take a life time. The solution is not to say as May reminds his readers is not to simply say “oh well, I’ll never be able to get over this, it’s just who I am.”

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When we fall down we can either give up or get up.

If you find your resolutions hard to accomplish, then there is all the more reason to try again. To put more and greater effort in getting a grasp and maybe one day overcoming whatever bad habit you have.

Let February be the the new January. Let every month, everyday in fact be January 1st. Everyday is another and new opportunity to begin again.

Don’t give up and get back up.


PS: Addiction and Grace will provide those who are open, a deep look into the recesses and shadows of their soul. I highly recommend it! Get it here on Amazon. (not an affiliate link. I just think it’s a good book)

Written by: Ryan Lui
Originally appeared on
Republished with permission.
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Resolutions: Should You Give Up or Get Back Up?
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