Resilience and Grit

Resilience and grit

I believe for us to  achieve in life we need to develop skills in grit and resilience to progress through life’s challenges. I understand about resilience having lost a father to suicide, leaving relationships, moving multiple times. I have been told I have been very resilient but lately I have been struggling to be motivated to achieve study. So, what is holding me back when I have achieve and pushed through worse?

Grit is described as the perusing and passion for achieving lifelong goals as described by Angela Duckworth. Resilience is the process of adapting when confronted with adverse trauma, tragedy, stress as stated Dr Steven South which.

What can we do to expand resilience and grit?

The grit and resilience I need  in this situation is to stay motivated and finish my contract and finish my study which will allow me to go on to other things. I am going to choose to find ways to enhance my motivation to achieve.

Resilience is to me to grow an achieving mindset by being  connected to others. I spoke to former colleague who helped me see that others had felt this way and that after achieving this my opportunities would open and we discussed strategies to move forward. I’m creative so I visually created mind map of why I want to achieve goals.

I try to examine a growth mindset, what is this trying to teach me? What I do or do not want in my future. What are the values that important to me openness, positive environment, progress, being in a place that infuses work and living wise?

I investigate my health and wellness, have I been exercising enough?, have I been eating healthy?, sleeping well?. What I improve in these areas.

So, with resilience and grit it is up to us the individual to develop a resilient and grit mind set and maintain through life’s challenges, it is to me a working progress.

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