Resigning to Resonance

Everything is connected in mutual relevance and although our minds appear to be at a loss it’s not for the lack of reason but relevance, nor the lack of sense but for the bias we believe.

The present is a perfect confluence of common sense and mutual presence shared intent whatever you perceive and irrespective your perspective.

Nature entrain to a mutual presence shared in relevance, and everything connect in resonance regardless what you think. Whatever you think about reality is neither here nor there and how you feel about the present nothing less than everything you need to know.

You are the mind that choose your regard, You decide the extent of relevance you share intent, you reside over the presence you share in co creative resonanca or cognitive dissonance.

Whatever you’ve been led to believe, the universe respond in resonance to shared intent and mutual relevance irregardless your regard, irreverent to belief, and irrespective the perspective you choose.

Whether we like it or not, resigning to resonance is a habit well worth having.

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