Research Shows A Couple’s Friendship Is Key To Reducing Postpartum Depression

 March 03, 2017

  • Have a daily stress-reducing conversation
  • Approach conflict gently
  • Express Fondness and Admiration
  • Regularly update your Love Maps

There is also an astounding body of research that shows that the power of touch and massage can be a vital addition to reversing the effects of stress associated with having a baby. Just 15 minutes a day of partner massage has been shown to alleviate depression in new mothers.

By complementing a strong connection and friendship between partners with exercise, walking, psychotherapy, and healthy nutrition, parents with postpartum depression can help manage and reduce the intensity of this transition phase.

At a time which should be one of the happiest of their lives, new parents can find reassurance in the fact they are not alone in the experience of depression. For women who get down on themselves for feeling this way, a supportive and engaging co-parent can make a world of difference.

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