Rescue Me… For Once – WISE PICK

Rescue Me... For Once - WISE PICK

Being strong, gets tough at times.
Words by Hatice Bas <3

23 thoughts on “Rescue Me… For Once – WISE PICK”

  1. … I show them how…if they ask… then leave them to it… their journey is just as respectful as mine… and if I can do it I believe they can also… will be along side but not rescuing… that is none of my business… and it would be disrespectful of me to think I can 'fix' anyone… where ever we are is where we are supposed to be… hope this makes sense!

  2. But the fact is that rescue is a feeling when u know how it feels like being drowned thats y one rescue
    Don't expect anybody to rescue cuz when they don't, it hurts

  3. Lift everything to the Lord…and you'lll be okay/fine. Just have strong faith.
    As long as there is life there is hope.
    Challenges are part of liffe. it is how we embrace it and how we face each challenge.

  4. I have days like that and I just turn off the computer, phone and everything else and go out in nature or read a book, do some yoga, meditation…. focus on the things that feed my spirit. I tend to let myself become too involved instead of praying and asking the Angels to help carry the load for us all.

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