8 Repellent Turn Offs For Men To Avoid At All Costs

Repellent Turn Offs For Men

Then it gets to be, “Oh my God! I AM 30.” 

…And then, “Oh yeah, holy crap, now, I’m over 30.”

These are all very alarming to a woman who is interested in having children as it starts to highlight the age, the biological clock stuff.

Consider that most guys I have coached in recent years are right there with you and wanting kids before they get too old too.

So, even if you’re past this time of your life, you have to watch out for appearing as if you’re not living your own life and you’re waiting on the right guy to come along and sweep you off your feet.

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Attitude turn-off number seven is “puppet time.”

This turn off for men is best summed up in one word, “manipulation” and little strings.

Men are keen to avoid being manipulated. Mostly because we know how easily we are manipulated. Women know this too. Guys know that they can play really easily compared to a woman.

Guys are played when a woman cries, when she acts dumb or childish or when she tries to make him jealous.

How about leaving stuff over at his house or in his car?

Yeah, a little manipulating.

Dropping hints instead of asking for what you want outright?

Yeah, manipulating again.

Look, we both know the list of ways women manipulate men gets really long.

You have to avoid even the most basic of manipulations like when you make that pleading face and say, “Please, sweety…?

Men want to please women.

We’re programmed to please women. Most women know this on some level but please don’t take advantage of a man’s nature or you’ll find that he will back off quickly and you might not even know it until it’s too late.


This is called “side barring” and this has become so huge that not only does it have its own term, it simply has to be mentioned.

Have you ever spent any time watching people lately?

If you have, you’ve probably seen women in clusters doing this.

What I’m talking about this is when you’re a Phombie, that’s a smartphone zombie. I actually got that one in the urban dictionary.

Locked in a blink-less stare with your phone’s glowing screen, you’re more concerned with liking, texting, and Instagramming than paying attention to what’s going on in the real world around you and right in front of you, especially with him.

This problem has reached an epic scale and guys notice it.

I watched people on planes, at the store, in restaurants, on the street, they’re all addicted to their phones.

Everyone is in the state of fear of missing out or as they call it “FOMO”.

The problem of phone addiction has gotten out of hand. This includes being on your phone instead of interacting or paying attention to them. This also includes being social media obsessed.

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The funny thing about social media is that – it’s only giving you the illusion of connecting with your friends.

It’s not really connecting at all.

Connection happens in person where you can hear her voice, see his face and sense these people’s real emotions.

Obviously, it is nice to be able to reach out and connect with friends but it also puts us in a place where we don’t put more effort than a text or message on Facebook to talk to a person.

In the end, I can give you a huge list of turn-offs for men, right?

The point is for you to focus on doing enough of the right things in the relationship to keep them interested.

If you do enough of those good things, the turn offs don’t happen or he ignores them or he lets them go. You gain an understanding of how to make your relationship as strong as possible and you avoid these turn-offs for men.

One of the most important things you have to do is to make sure you know how to really make him feel the impact of your love.

This effect is called The Cupid Effect— feeling that impact of love.

You absolutely need to know how to do this and make him feel it. It’s the key to getting a guy to commit to your love and make him desire you with wild reckless abandon.

To know how this works, go watch my short presentation here.

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Republished with permission

Repellent Turn Offs For Men Avoid All Costs pin
8 Repellent Turn Offs For Men To Avoid At All Costs
Repellent Turn Offs For Men PIN
8 Repellent Turn Offs For Men To Avoid At All Costs
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