Repeating Numbers and their Meanings

 August 13, 2018

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Repeating Numbers and their Meanings

9 is the number of Hermit in Tarot Decks. The hermit knows all about Karma. You need to be wiser and find whats missing from what you are already doing. Finish your work. And make room for the new… because it’s coming and it’s probably going to change your life!


00, 000, 0000- Back in the Void

If you repeatedly see these numbers then the universe is trying to remind you that you need to rest. You need to push the REFRESH button. Take a step back. Get back to the Void, where nothing exists yet all come from it. In a more practical way, get some sleep, listen to relaxing music and rest. Try this hatha yoga breathing technique to harmonize your body and energy.

Zero is the number of the Fool in every Tarot Deck (although some associate the Fool with the Number 22). The Fool is the Beginning of all. (Read here more about the Magic of the Fool).


This is a very important message from the above. You need tap into the Divine power of creation. Although you should rush to act right now, you need to get back your strength and energy you’ve lost on the way. Take as much time as you need. Make sure, you got your power back!

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Repeating Numbers and their Meanings

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