8 Ways Reparenting Yourself Can Help Heal Your Inner Child

 April 19, 2019

8 Ways Reparenting Yourself Can Help Heal Your Inner Child

This is when it occurred to me that creating structures around me that would feel nourishing and helpful, could be one of the answers. And worked they did, as I began to put more of myself in the way I planned my food, exercise and rest.



It is not criminal to want to have close friends and family show interest in your journey. It is a human need to experience social and emotional connections. When it comes to intricate self-work though, it might be challenging for you to take loved ones through all the minutiae of your process.

Personally, I discovered writing to be a form of support. Soon, I was carrying a small notebook wherever I went and recording my feelings and inner talk. For you, the medium of expression could well be something else. Some people find drawing and sketching closer home, some like to dance it out in freestyle movement.

Pick a form for yourself and make time for this practice as you grow into it.


As I have already mentioned before, self-reparenting isn’t a cakewalk.  The process often is more complex than imagined.

Real-time support in the form of therapy can be a timely and wonderful intervention, though it is entirely your call. Once you’ve processed your emotions through such support, you can then slowly look at striking out on your own through self-reparenting.


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8 Ways Reparenting Yourself Can Help Heal Your Inner Child

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