Remove the Tattoo

You wonder at times, “what’s this all for”,

When you find yourself thrust into a war, 

Only the enemy isn’t an enemy it’s one whom you adore, 

They’re busy settling some un-recorded score, 

Coming into your home, shaming without reason before showing you the door, 

Feeling like I’m no longer welcome in what was a second home before. 

Got to the point a couple days ago where I’d decided I could take no more, 

Those times you learn who the real friends are and what they’re there for. 

That night I made it, survived and got through til daylight, 

So over and done with this silly and needless fight,

The intent from the other party is simple, pure spite,

But also to cover the fact that who they are as a person completely changed overnight,

The only reason it has happened is to shift focus away from the fact they’d been the one who abused,

I should’ve known I’d be attacked and slandered once I was done being used, 

And be left shattered, battered and bruised,

Is it any wonder that I still sit here utterly confused?

How yet again did I fall for a ride?

Next time it will be different I’ll think twice before I choose,

In hopes of avoiding a battle I will always lose.

Shifting conscious focus back to the light, 

Regaining vision of the future, it’s almost in sight. 

Turbulence in life can strike at any moment so hold tight, 

Will you get put through the ringer a few times? You just might. 

But remember every time you find yourself in a fight, 

Life’s not about who’s wrong and who’s right. 

Life is about acceptance and love,

About having each other’s backs when push comes to shove, 

About laying down staring up and feeling awed by the heavens above. 

Whatever you believe in believe in this too, 

Even if no wrong to another did you do, 

They’ll still quite happily do beyond wrong by you. 

They will go around and say damaging things untrue, 

Giant cauldrons of tension and conflict shall they brew.

You could see all this as being rather tragic. 

Or you could realize what you’ve avoided and thank the universe for it’s helpful yet confusing magic. 

Just know as you go through each day 

If you’re true to yourself you can’t go the wrong way. 

Remember to tell people if you’re not okay, 

Stay true to yourself and other’s games stay away, 

You don’t need the toxic stuff, the answer is simple “Thanks for the invite but I won’t play” 

Now let go of everything let it just fade away, 

The vivid colors begin fading to grey. 

Looking back now it’s hard to believe this all happened hey? 

But worry no more and don’t care about what people think or say. 

You know the truth and all that matters now is that you make sure you’re ok.

And it sounds paradoxical when the other is for whom you should pray,

But strangely when you do the hurt and pain starts to leave 

Even though you had been convinced they were  there to stay. 

The choices we make always have potential to be fatal and at the very least fateful.

So if you survive a choice you make, every time be grateful.

And if ever a person comes into your life and crosses your boundaries or is hateful,

Cut that person off instantly that behaviour is embarrassing, unnecessary, shameful and completely unacceptable

And don’t tolerate behaviour which is highly objectionable

So gone is it now, having through these words been removed, that poorly thought out and badly drawn tattoo that was actually just metaphor for my terrible relationship with none other than you.

Credit: TheLost Wanderer

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1 thought on “Remove the Tattoo”

  1. I hope someone out there reads these words, and in that moment knows, someone else has been here, has experienced something as crazy, bizarre, hurtful, and unexplainable as they have. And survived.

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