36 Most Relaxing Songs For Anxiety, Stress And Depression

Most Relaxing Songs For Anxiety Stress And Depression

However, you do not need a music therapist to enjoy the positive and soothing effects of relaxing songs. You simply need to listen to the right songs for anxiety and depression to start feeling better immediately.

So what songs can help with your mental health issues?

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Songs for anxiety & depression you need to listen

All of us have different tastes in music. If we want to use music therapy to treat our stress, anxiety and depression, it is crucial that we listen to music that we personally enjoy.

Here is a list of songs for stress that you can listen for relaxation and better mental health, according to ADAA:


Here are 10 more songs that can not only help you with your anxiety and depression, but also soothe your nervous system and touch your soul.

The last song in the list above, Weightless by Marconi Union has been found to reduce overall anxiety by 65% and reduce the physiological resting rate by 35%, according to researchers.

Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International found that it resulted in the highest “state of relaxation than any other music tested to date.

As the song “Weightless” can make you feel very relaxed and maybe even drowsy, it is advised to avoid listening to this track while driving, lifting weights or operating heavy machinery.

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Music is all around us

Most of us love listening to music. Whether at home or work, during our daily commute or while at the gym, we can listen to music anywhere, anytime. Whether you are plugged in to your smartphone or listening to the car radio or your home stereo or on TV, listening to our favorite relaxing songs lifts our moods and makes us feel better almost instantly.

36 Most Relaxing Songs For Anxiety, Stress And Depression

Listening to music and songs is definitely fun, especially when it can help to enhance our mental health and well being. Music can evoke different emotions and certain songs can help us feel happy, calm and peaceful. Songs for anxiety have the power to influence our emotions, thoughts and moods, especially when we are feeling angry, stressed, anxious, lonely or feeling really down. Such is the power of music.

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Understanding stress, anxiety & depression

According to facts released by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), “Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year.” Although it is “highly treatable” only 36.9% of sufferers get treatment. 

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