Why relationships don’t last ?

Why relationships don't last ?

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  1. People don’t visualize the long term goal of being together til the end, so they break promises and betray the other. They are more interested in their individual milestones in life then working on a mutual long term lifetime goal.

  2. Lack of trust and not able to keep up words !
    And many a time I feel people want to have relations of any kind as a pass time without accountability / responsibility of nurturing a long time relationship!

  3. I think the main ingredient in a relationship is LOVE❤️…
    Because when ❤️ is true, pure and deep you ‘ll accept, embrace and deal with the imperfections of the other person. There will be no buts and ifs…when you truly love someone everything follows: respect, understanding, trust, loyalty and many more…one will not do anything that will hurt the other person…well, these are my own opinion

  4. I woke up one morning and the love wasn’t there anymore, I got suffocated and want to try something new. I got bores and concentrate on work.

  5. Lack of trust, lying, sneakiness, poor communication, lack of respect, ego, greed, cheating, no accountability, boredom, selfishness, betrayal, and so many other reason. I got carried away.

  6. It starts with authenticity.
    Knowing / understanding yourself & them.
    Basics of our ingrained traits & the psychology of human behaviour,including gender specific tendencies.
    Realistic vs fantasy, & expectations.
    Misunderstood communications- from tone choices to differences in communication styles.
    Lack of Common Respect, focused attention to try to understand.
    Hahaha… then I fall in love with a masked one for master challenge that will end in lessons 😛

  7. Lack of communication, trust issues, insecurity, no sex, lack of mutual respect and understanding, incompatibility, inability to meet financial responsibility, immature behaviour from either parties, speaking in a condescending manner, egos. There are a lot of factors but all can be worked on if people really want the relationship.

  8. Agar patni apney pati ko ishwar samazti hai ,toh kya pati ne usko apni seeta jaisey Devi nahi samazna chahiye.aisey rishtey kewal naam ke hotey hai!!! Toh jaisey he thodi bhi unch neech hoti hai toh rishtey toot jatey hai.pati man hai isliye kuch bhi kar sakta hai.us per koi rok tok nahi hoti.woh kuch bhi kar sakta hai.aur patni toh ek kaidi Ki tarah hoti hai.jab tak woh chupchap sahti hai rishta kayam rahta hai.nahi toh ek he pal me toot jata hai. Jalan ,selfishness,lalach,kisi ke mann me paisey Ki bhook itni hoti hai Ki uskey aagey biwi Ki koi kudar he nahi hoti.kya biwi gulham Ki tarah jeetey rahe.

  9. Kisi bhi rishtey ko naam diya Jana zaroori hai. Naam miljaney per bhi logapney rishtey thik se nibah nahi patey kyonki insaan itna swarthi aur lachi hota hai Ki usko rishto Ki importance tab tak samaz me nahi aati jab tak ussey woh rishta kho nahi jata !!!rishta kewal ek insaan nahi nibha sakta !!!ek rishtey me 2 candidates hotey hai.jaisey pati patni ka rishta !!! Kewal patni hi nibhati rahey ,aur pati apni patni ko neglect kartey rahey,usko ek slave Ki tarah samzey.

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