3 Common Relationship Escape Clauses And How You Can Decipher Them

3 Common Relationship Escape Clauses And How You Can Decipher Them


2. I Have To Go Find Myself.

This clause is also intended to be as vague as the aforementioned No. 1. The lack of clarity is indicative they don’t want to fix the relationship. Unfortunately, these words will confuse the recipient. What are you supposed to do in the meantime? Will he/she return when they find themselves? Should you remain to wait for their return? What the user is really attempting to tell their partner is that they are bored and feeling confined in the relationship. They are leaving because they need room to grow. There is nothing to do here but to let them go.


3. I Love You But I’m Not In Love With You.

I hate to be so blunt, but chances are great your partner is telling you they are seeing someone else. Don’t let the “I love you” portion of this clause trick you into believing there is some substance left in the relationship worth salvaging. The key part here is that in telling you he/she is no longer “in love with you”, they have found the grass to be greener somewhere else.


I realize I am mind reading here, but I think my perception is accurate. Nevertheless, there is nothing that says that your partner is not wanting to fix the relationship when they use these phrases. But, if your partner really wanted to mend what is bothering them, they would come out and tell you with more clarity. My recommendation is that, when you hear any of these phrases, your best bet is to forge your future path without them.


There is always a possibility your partner might reconsider in the future and you can cross that bridge when you get to it (if that is what you still want).


One last thing

Invariably in a breakup, you might get asked by your outgoing partner, can we remain friends? Remaining friends with a spouse you share children with is a good idea. The welfare of the children has to be paramount as a couple goes through a breakup. But it is not such a good idea if children are not part of your relationship, especially if you are still in love with the departing partner.

A partner looking to end the relationship may ask you to remain friends to reduce the guilt they are feeling or because he/she is still interested in getting some of the things they have gotten from you, like financial or moral support. More than likely, however, they did not ask to remain friends for your good. Remember, being moved from a lover to a friend is a demotion. Don’t fool yourself into thinking by remaining friends you can attract them to come back. The opposite is true. By remaining their friend, they will use you to meet their needs, not yours.

It is important to get past the anger and bitterness in any relationship breakup; we are all entitled to change our minds and pursue the things that make us happy. But if you are discarded from a relationship, it is best to stay away from him/her for a while so you can heal your broken heart. There may come a time when being friends without complications is possible. But, following a breakup, you must cut off all contact so you can mend, discover and learn. You can always evaluate that standing at a later time.

It is hard, especially after a breakup, to see how the actions from one will benefit both partners, but they do. The lessons you needed to learn from this relationship have concluded and, if you can remain calm and open, you will be free to find an even greater love in your life who will teach you more important things.

Remember, paying gratitude for your life forward will fill you with joy and contentment.

Break-ups are always tough, because most of the time, you don’t see it coming. One moment, everything’s fine and the next moment, you are left with the tatters of your relationship. Yes, it will take time for you to heal and move on from a significant relationship, but if you know the actual reason, you will heal faster. Even if your partner is not transparent when it comes to the reason for their breaking-up with you, knowing these relationships escape clauses will help you understand better.

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