The Relationship between Zodiac Signs and Expression of Anger

 August 13, 2016

The Relationship between Zodiac Signs and Expression of Anger


Known for being kind, they hate hurting other people and so they do not like expressing their anger. They suppress their anger until they cannot take it anymore. Their hate for confrontation, however, often has them slamming the door walking out until they cool off. Their anger ceases on its own, but they will not forget the incident.


They are to the Zodiacs what Nelson Mandela was in South Africa. They are the peacemakers who loathe confrontation. They avoid confrontation, but it doesn’t help that they are among the most sensitive in the lot. They consider their every move carefully, and make mental notes about you that anger them for use against you in the future. However, they forgive easily and move on, keeping grudges following the most hurtful things.


Similar to Tauruses, they are slow to anger, but when they finally blow up, it is havoc. They have a sting eye cold as death and they can make the snidest, meanest comments in the most sarcastic manner. When they are angry, they may forgive but they do not forget. At all.


Sagittarius are excessively sarcastic when angry, giving hints so you can make peace. They have low patience levels so they get upset quickly, but they do not like drama, and it embarrasses them to look back and realize they lost their calm and acted out of character. This reflects in the way they are quick to iron things out when offended.


They take anger seriously and only express it when pushed to the wall. It is therefore uncharacteristic of them to vent, but when they do, you will be left in shock and a mess to clean up as they throw stuff around and break the rest.


Cool characters, these ones, leading a balanced life and taking plenty to get angry. They pull away in the initial stages of anger and try to ignore whoever is agitating them. If that does not work, prepare for a showdown, which will be followed by a long spell of the silent treatment.


They are all about their feelings but they are slow to anger. Once they are angry, however, they turn on themselves, going all violent and self-destructive and expressing their negative thoughts. However, once they calm down all they require is a bit of time to recover from their uncharacteristic anger spells.

So there you have my list; what’s your sign? Does it match the traits on this list?

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