6 Pieces of Relationship Advice For Married Couples

6 Pieces of Relationship Advice from Relationship Therapists

6. Make sure to keep things hot!

meet your partner’s needs

As per Sari Cooper, LCSW, individual, couples and sex therapist,

“As time goes by, people become increasingly shy with the person they love the most. People start taking love for granted and forget to keep them turned on and to continue seducing their partners. It is important to keep your sexual arousal alive by keeping up certain practices on a regular basis to allow you to remain sexy, vibrant and engaged in your love life.”

And finally, Sex doesn’t have to end with age…

Sex doesn’t have to end due to the aging process, there are techniques specifically geared toward maintaining sexual function as couples age, so there is no loss of libido or attraction. For example, inner vaginal dryness can be resolved with a simple pushing down movement with her vagina and prostate problems can be cured naturally with a simple tweak to a man’s exercise routine.

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6 Pieces of Relationship Advice from Relationship Therapists
relationship advice for married couples
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