Red Flags That Indicate You Might Be Slipping Back Into Depression

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Red Flags That Indicate You Might Be Slipping Back Into Depression

If you are feeling constant headaches, stomach aches or pain in other parts of the body that are not caused due to any illness, it could be a sign that you are relapsing into depression.


7). You stop taking care of your self

When you are depressed, you feel so drained that you can’t even gather the energy to do simple tasks for keeping your personal hygiene. Even tasks like brushing or taking a shower can feel like a huge effort.

You could be a very organized person but when depression hits you, you can’t seem to keep up with simple errands like doing the dirty dishes.

If you are feeling that you have stopped taking care of your health and personal hygiene, it is a huge red flag that you might be slipping into depression.


8). Sudden fluctuations in your weight

Sudden change in your appetite or weight can be assign of depression. People with depression tend to operate in extremes; they either eat too little or do a lot of binge eating.

If you are noticing sudden fluctuations in your weight and diet which is not caused by any other illness, you could be getting into a depressive phase.


9). Loss of focus and productivity at work

When you are depressed, you can’t focus on your work or other tasks. You could be missing a lot of deadlines and spending your time in mindless activities like scrolling through your social media feeds endlessly just to zone out.

Loss of focus and productivity at work is a huge red flag of a relapse.


10). You become hyper critical of everything around

When you become too negative and hypercritical of everything around you to the point that you start nitpicking on things, you could be reeling under depression and stress.

When you are in depression you look at life through a very grim lens and nothing seems to be motivating for you and you end up finding fault with everything and everyone.


11). You procrastinate endlessly

When you are depressed, you don’t have the energy to complete your tasks even if you know they are important.

You get into a vicious cycle of procrastination and guilt and can’t seem to break free.

If you are facing any of these red flags, please take proactive measure to seek help and combat depression.

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Red Flags That Indicate You Might Be Slipping Back Into Depression

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