These red flags raised by 16 men tell you when you should stay away from a man

Who can be better than the men themselves to tell us when it is for a woman to stay away from a man? The men on r/AskMen have shared the red flags that every woman should know to read the signals as early as possible and head out of the relationship. If you ever come across a guy like this, don’t ever be fooled for the disaster to happen. Remember, these signals by heart.

  1. Prince charming isn’t actually charming.

He is not the Prince charming he appears to be

“If he always says the right thing at the right time, is so charming and plays all his cards right, but you never saw his friends or where he lives, it’s not his first Tango and not his last.”

  1. The way he behaves with unknown people, example the ones who serve him.

“How does he treat his waiter/bartender. That’s a total stranger. You can get a baseline for his kindness, patience, intolerance, generosity. So many things.”

  1. He has never ending sob stories that make you pity him and be caring towards him.

“If the world seems out to get the poor guy, and you think he needs you, you need to get the fuck out of there. His own choices are causing the chaos and he’ll drag you down with him. Dont date out of pity, boyfriends are not lost puppies that just need a bath and some love to be made whole again.”

  1. He artfully conceals he is already in a relationship.

“If he seems to be hiding you or keeping you away from his friends/relatives or keeps making excuses, he’s probably just using you.”

  1. He doesn’t want to use condoms.

“If he insist that condoms feel bad and really wants to go bareback even if you’re only dating for a few days/weeks or even just meeting for a hookup : Run as fast as you can.”

  1. Several bad relationships in their life with other women.

“Feeling anything is owed to them.

They have extremely bad relationship with other women present or have been present. This includes everyone his mother, sister, ex-girlfriends or any other woman related to him in any way. Be warned you could be just another woman to add to his ever increasing list of abused women.

Not respecting a woman’s wish may not always be related to something sexual or violent. Forcing her into eating something she doesn’t want is an indicator he is a control freak. This can transform to something worse later.

This is a warning signal that men can also take when they come across such a woman.

  1. When with other men, his behavior towards women changes.

“If a guy brags about how big his penis is. If a guy interacts with/speaks of women differently in front of other men in the presence of women. Two big flags for a dick head. No pun intended.”

  1. Lacks self-confidence.

“Low self esteem. Want someone that really tries hard? Is doing fine at life, has stayed out of trouble and drama? Has depth, and isn’t easy prey for others? Have I got a deal for you.

It’s great until it isn’t. You can’t fix it, that’s all them. It doesn’t matter if they’re great, they think they are shit. It shifts and changes under their skin. It never leaves them alone, and you’ll always be outside, wondering what the fuck is going on. They will be a stranger to you, because they don’t believe they deserve love, and can’t risk showing their true face.

It’s as crippling as any other disability, but hides so well you probably just think “he’s shy”. Shy doesn’t wreck you, this does.”

  1. Communicates with women only in parties and social gatherings.

“I’m sure women can see this far sooner than I do, but at parties if a guy is only talking to girls, he didn’t go there to make friends, he went there to get laid. I go to a fair amount of “make new friends” events and there are always some guys who just go from talking to one girl to another and get visibly upset if I so much as try to introduce myself. It’s even worse if he came with friends and then ignores his friends all night, or always tries to one-up them in conversations.”

  1. Brash.

“Acts impulsively without considering the consequences + doesn’t like the way condoms feel = do not get in bed with this guy.”

  1. The enchanter.

“Overly charming. Never met an overly charming (always wide smile, kiss ass type, showy) man who wasn’t hiding one or several horrible character flaws.”

  1. He behaves as if you are ‘Just Friends’ but he is not a friend.

“I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve told a female friend that the guy who is “just a friend” is not actually just a friend. They never believe me, then a few months later he snaps, goes on a NiceGuy tirade, and stops being friends with her. If he constantly wants to hang out with you 1 on 1, is especially nice to you, and does things for you that he wouldn’t normally do for his other friends, chances are he’s not just trying to be a friend.”

  1. The scheming man.

“Beware of the manipulator. They come in so many packages but what they do is emotionally and mentally damaging. They know people, they understand what makes them tick. They are usually selfish, incredibly nice and the good manipulator will seem like the perfect gentleman at the beginning. All he’s doing is collecting information. He’s easy to connect with, is kind to strangers.”

  1. Always there at your beck and call.

“Capitulating to your wants or needs at every turn at the expense of his own. Neediness alert!”

  1. Controlling.

“All the red flags I’ve seen in men…are the same red flags I’ve seen in women too. Untrusting/controlling and manipulative behavior looks the same in both genders and should be handled with care for both.”

  1. The company he keeps.

“If his friends are shitty, he is shitty. Also, I hate cheating and cheaters, and will rat them out SO FAST, every time.”

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