4 Steps to Recovery After Childhood Emotional Neglect


4. Improve your interpersonal skills through learning

Inability to connect with other people and maintain healthy relationships because you cannot manage your own emotions is a common consequence of emotional neglect in childhood.

To overcome it you will need to learn how to interact with people and to understand what healthy relationships actually are. Today it is possible to do this with the help of specialized books and articles available online.

There are also many seminars and workshops which focus on relationships and psychology. Attend these and explore better ways of expressing and accepting your emotions as you would any other subject.

Bear in mind that CEN is a major risk factor for developing psychopathology after the age of 15, especially if the parents in question are not only neglectful but also controlling.

This underlines the severity of the issue and should serve as a reminder to all care-givers to look out for the symptoms and to provide aid to the affected child.

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4 Steps to Recovery After Childhood Emotional Neglect