Recovering from an Emotional Trauma of Domestic Abuse

Forgive yourself

The hardest step to take, and the most important one. Things that happened weren’t your fault. No matter how many times you burned the dinner, or forgot to do a chore, or said something silly. No one has any right to abuse you, and there is no excuse for what has been done to you.

They told you that you aren’t worth it, that no one else will love you, that you’re stupid and wrong and useless, but they were talking about themselves. You are none of these things, and only impotent, mean, petty people could say something like that. You need to forgive yourself to move on, you need to learn how to love yourself and all that you are.

Every time you want to regress to that state of insecurity, remember that your life is back in your hands, they can’t hurt you anymore, and you are stronger than they could ever be.

You’ve made the right choice. You doubt that, but you’ve made the right choice. Life didn’t magically become easier, and it won’t for a while, but you’ve given yourself a chance to make it better. You are going to be okay.

Recovering from an Emotional Trauma of Domestic Abuse

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