9 Reasons Why You Cry So Easily and At Times Even Without A Reason

9 Reasons Why You Cry So Easily and At Times Even Without A Reason

Although you will experience the range of human emotions normally most of the time, you will express your feelings inappropriately at times. However, your exaggerated emotional expressions might not best reflect exactly what you’re experiencing or feeling at the moment. Sudden bouts of excessive crying due to PBA, also known as emotional incontinence, can significantly affect your daily life in an adverse way.

7. Depression 

Depression might be another reason why you cry so much. Depression is a mood disorder that can have a serious effect on our psychological and emotional health. So if you find yourself sad and upset all the time and you keep crying constantly, then most likely you’re depressed. When you are depressed, you may cry over the smallest issues and have difficulty controlling your emotions. However, only mild depression can cause excessive crying as severe or clinical depression may lead to difficulty in expressing emotions.

9 Reasons Why You Cry So Easily and At Times Even Without A Reason

In fact, a 2002 study found that clinical depression can dysregulate the expression of emotions. According to the research, “the presence or absence of a tearful response to a sad film had relatively little impact on depressed participants’ report of sadness, displays of sadness, or their levels of sympathetic arousal.” Depression may actually dull the response of crying. The study concluded, “Those individuals who had been depressed the longest were the least likely to cry.

If you feel you have symptoms that may indicate depression, talk to your doctor immediately.

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8. Chronic overwhelm

Stress can be another reason why you cry as it can take its toll on your emotions and wreak havoc. When you experience a lot of stress for a long period of time, it can cause significant damage to your psyche. Your tolerance level for dealing with additional stress reduces dramatically and you eventually break down. You will feel overwhelmed with life and overreact to even the smallest challenges. According to life coach Lisa Petsinis, you will start feeling angrier, more depressed and discouraged and will cry a lot more even at the drop of a hat. As your mind feels under constant attack, crying will seem like the only thing you can do to feel some relief.

Take a break from life. Go for a short vacation. Try not to take everything too seriously and slowly rebuild your resilience on day at a time. If needed, make sure you reach out and seek professional help.

9. Eye irritation

Although it might not be the same as crying, but if you are teary eyed most of the time then it can be a result of irritated eyes. When our tear ducts become irritated or blocked due to smoke, dust, steam or wind or even cutting onions, then our eyes might become teary more than usual. By staying moist and lubricated, your eyes are trying to protect itself and clear the debris. Visiting an ophthalmologist can be of great help to keep your eyes safe, protected and less watery.

Moreover, if you stay awake at night staring mindlessly at your smartphone or staying up late to finish your projects before the deadline to grab that promotion, then there’s no doubt it will have an effect on the health of your eyes.

Your tears make you who you are

Crying is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, your tears are a sign of your emotional strength. It means you feel profoundly and you value your emotions and your feelings. You’re not a robot or a zombie who goes through life without feeling a single thing. Although it can be great to be stoic about certain things in life, feeling your emotions tells you that you’re alive, you live passionately and that you have a heart. And that’s the best thing any of us can hope for.

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