5 Reasons Why It Is Okay To Cry – Backed By Science

People suffering from depression believes that ‘Crying’ pushes them more towards depression but for those who suffer occasionally, crying can help reduce depression and lift up your mood. No matter what the society considers crying as a sign of weakness; establishes it to be gender- based act and beliefs it’s not ‘okay’ for men to cry out. But it strongly acts as an effective tool in dealing with the current trouble that irks you.
Bottling up emotions is harmful both to your physical and mental health and this can further lead to the development of psychopathology. Tears are known to release feelings.

4.‘Get rid of toxins’

It opens the lungs, washes the countenance, exercises the eyes, and softens down the temper; so cry away – Charles Dickens

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While crying tears released from the tear glands flushes out the harmful toxins that gets accumulated in the body. The toxins if not drained out can increase your stress to a higher level. No matter what among the three type of tears you shed they will result in the removal of toxins. No matter which type of tear


5.‘Rediscover your potentialities’

Sometimes while crying you can discover your underlying emotions which you are not even aware of. Life introduces you to a roller coaster ride where problems appear insurmountable, during these moments instead of losing hope ‘Crying’ lessens the burden.

Tears make you to feel relaxed. It energizes you. It makes you understand the real you. With the shedding of tears your pain, the past wound gets cured.

So cry your heart out. It’s no harm!

 The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears – John Vance Chene

Go ahead and cry your eyes out.

It’s no shame!

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