Why You Should Cut The Cord With An Ex

Reasons Why You Should Cut The Cord With An Ex


5. To heal the broken pieces of your heart and soul:

You know how hard to mend a broken heart. Being constantly reminded by your Ex can happen thousands of ways. It reminded you of everything whenever you hear your favorite songs together being played on the air. Those old familiar lines might still give you a certain glow. It happens and you cannot stop missing your Ex. Move on from the sting that comes from the loss of someone you have loved. As what Jonathan Martensson said, “Feelings are much like waves. We cannot stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf.” Don’t go against yourself because that’s one of the greatest mistakes you will do. Stop surrendering yourself into the grip of loneliness.


6. To be with yourself:

Magic begins the moment you explore yourself. Don’t cut yourself off from one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s actually a good thing when you’re alone because it gives you a space and time to discover your existence and importance in life. Having someone beside you do not equate you from being alone and happy. I’m not telling you to isolate yourself to the rest of the world. But when one gave up on you- don’t come up with the idea that life ended there. Start living from your heart and you’ll find that every moment brings another chance to fall in love with SOMEONE NEW or with YOURSELF.


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7. It’s time for your soul to sing a new song:

It’s always lovely to try singing another song. Get rid of the old songs because it will always bring back the memories of an old flame and the old times. Never, ever think that those old lines will sound new again, it won’t. Don’t ever think the old feelings will come through and stop wondering why your Ex walked away. Hey, sing a new song, Darling! And dance infront of new people and that’s okay!



Your Ex will suddenly call you at 2 A.M to keep in touch with you again. BEWARE! Don’t interpret this as your Ex wants you back. (S)He’s just trying to suck away your ability to enjoy life. When you feel you have done cutting the cord without sting in every inch of your soul…give yourself a lovely pat or a big hand…



That’s another way to get rid of excess negativities. It feels more fun than screaming harangues do! Tell yourself, “Thanks God, there are people like them otherwise this world is such a boring place. “Let each day’s brushstrokes reveal the incomparable beauty of your stilled life. Moments you once called ordinary now seem infused with grace. Go ahead, cut the cord and start a journey of finding yourself and feel beloved on earth once again.



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