4 Reasons Why You Should Say No More Often

4 Reasons Why You Should Say No More Often

In many cases, the only thing you can say that will accurately communicate your disinterest in an opportunity is ‘No’. In a business negotiation, ‘No’ establishes your position and underscores your non-negotiables. In life ‘No’ voids an entire set of options, and narrows your trajectory. Arriving at these ‘Nos’ can be liberating because they are grounded in the invaluable data you collected from considering all the possible benefits and drawbacks of saying ‘Yes’.

When you give yourself permission to evaluate an opportunity through the lens of ‘No’ it is easier to examine the full spectrum of possibilities good & bad. Whereas, when you evaluate an opportunity through the lens of ‘Yes’ the examination can be skewed towards identifying only of the positives associated with the choice.

3. “No” Gives You Leverage

Anytime you employ the strategic power of ‘No’ you are at an advantage. You know what someone else needs and the urgency with which they wish to have that need met. You are then given an opportunity to leverage what you know to your benefit, by presenting them with an alternative that is mutually beneficial. ‘No’ gives you time to evaluate the best way for you to say ‘Yes,’ putting you in control.

4. “No” Protects You From Yourself

Everyone wants to be liked, but at what cost? Always Saying ‘yes’ to your Boss, Partner, Children, and Friends is a one-way ticket to resentment-town. Saying ‘yes’ all the time creates an unsustainable dynamic in your relationships that causes an energetic imbalance. As the Yogi’s say you need to “Drink as you Pour.” It is unsustainable to be in constant service of others without pausing to be in service to yourself. In order to put yourself first, you have to stop saying ‘YES’ to everything.

“When you say no to the wrong people, it opens up the space for the right people to come in.” – Joe Calloway

Saying “No” is both an act of compassion for others and individual self-preservation.

Ultimately saying ‘No’ is a critical asset on your success journey. Knowing how and when to assert yourself is an art. One must practice employing the power of ‘No’ in order to gain comfort and confidence. Even though collaboration and cooperation are essential to our collective success, that doesn’t mean you have to dance every time the band plays.

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Not every opportunity is a good one. Mastering the strategic use of ‘No’ requires a basic level of self-awareness and a desire to evaluate every opportunity that presents itself. If you are willing to slow down your process to engage in this act of intentional evaluation it can revolutionize the way you approach business & life.

Having the ability to strategically exercise the power of ‘No’ frees you from the obligation of having to take on more than is required, personally & professionally. Itching to learn how to empower yourself to say ‘No’?

If you exercise your right to say “No” to something you feel is not right for you, don’t think that you are a difficult person. Other people might think so, but that is honestly not your problem. You need to go after the things that will make you happy and help you grow. If something is not worth your effort, then what is the point of investing your valuable time and energy in that?

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Written By Awilda Rivera
Originally Published In Medium

4 Reasons Why You Should Say No More Often
4 Reasons Why You Should Say No More Often
4 Reasons Why You Should Say No More Often
4 Reasons Why You Should Say No More Often
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