5 Psychological Reasons Behind Nail Biting

Psychological Reasons Behind Nail Biting

2. Try to address your latent emotions.

There can be various reasons behind the habit of nail-biting, and sometimes those reasons fester beneath the surface AKA latent emotions. These emotions cannot be seen with your eyes, but they are there beneath the surface, silently stressing you out, and pushing you to bite your nails repeatedly. In order to deal with such a situation, you need to point out what you are thinking about, just before you start biting your nails.

What is the internal monologue that is playing in your mind? What are the exact emotions that you are feeling when you are starting to bite your nails? Is there any way you can challenge those unpleasant thoughts and change them to feel better?

More often than not, you might be biting your nails as a coping mechanism to deal with difficult and anxious thoughts that are bubbling in your subconscious. Knowing what these thoughts are, and working towards facing these emotions can help you a lot in dealing with your nail-biting.

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3. Get a beautiful manicure done.

Getting a nice manicure done will always stop you from biting your nails, because why would you want to destroy that beautiful piece of art? Splurge on a nice manicure, that will not just make your hands look pretty, but will also serve as a strong motivation for you to stop biting your nails. Whenever you spend a lot of money and effort on something like this, you will always think twice before nibbling on your nails.

4. Keeping your nails short can be very effective.

You might notice that you tend to bite your nails more when they are long because biting off longer nails gives you a sense of satisfaction and makes you feel as if your emotions are easier to handle. So maybe trimming them short and maintaining that length might be a good idea, if you want to seriously stop biting your nails.

The logic behind this move is very simple: if there is not enough nail to grab with your teeth, chewing on them or biting them just won’t hold the same satisfaction. Also, if you come to think of it, keeping your nails shorter is also more hygienic and easier to maintain. So it’s a win-win from every aspect!

5. Engage your mouth and hands whenever you feel the urge.

One of the best and effective ways of stopping your nail biting is by keeping your hands and mouth busy, whenever you feel a strong urge. The moment you feel like you want to bite your nails, try to channel that energy into doing something that will keep your mouth and hands busy, such as maybe squeezing a massage ball, which will not just distract you, but also stimulate and relax you too.

You might want to play video games whenever you feel an overwhelming need to bite your nails, or even chew some gum so that it keeps your mouth busy. Distracting yourself and keeping yourself busy is one of the best things you can practice when it comes to giving up the habit of nail-biting.

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Nail-biting is not really a good habit to have, and many people try their best to let go of this habit, however, sometimes it’s easier said than done. Nevertheless, knowing the psychological reasons behind this habit might help you understand it better, and even kick this habit, once and for all. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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