4 Things That Keep Men From Committing To You

things that keep men form commiting

This is often the case for men who are still too young or haven’t had enough life experience.

Much of the time, our stubborn yet mysterious uncertainty around feelings toward potential mates has very little to do with their physical features or personal qualities (as much as our minds might make it seem that way).

The real reason is sometimes that we haven’t dated enough, traveled enough, or simply lived enough.

Our lives aren’t ready for commitment, period.

We need to develop a better sense of what we want in general, so we can avoid letting another person’s opinions and preferences cloud our own. Till then men just won’t commit to you.

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Through this experience, we better understand who we are; we start to separate what we think we want from what we actually need, and we feel like we’ve had enough adventure to settle down and focus on one person.

In short, we start to feel more confident in ourselves and our choices.

So, even though a less experienced man might feel a ton of sincere love and affection toward a woman, and deeply appreciate and respect her, he may not be able to help that his heart is still somewhat not yet available. And that is the reason men just won’t commit.

But when he has had enough experience and learned about himself, he becomes much more open and ready to choose a woman fully.

2. They Haven’t Found Their Life’s Mission Yet

There is an unwritten and unspoken rule that runs a man’s life.

That is: His mission comes first, above all else.

If a man has not yet identified and gained traction in his mission, he will intuitively feel like something is missing, and a sense that a relationship might get in the way of him living his best life.

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That’s not to say that men don’t still get into a relationship without knowing their mission. But if that’s the case, they often either don’t feel truly fulfilled, or it doesn’t last long.

When a man seems wary and doesn’t feel that inner “readiness for a relationship” that I spoke about above, this is one of the harder reasons.

It’s more difficult because unearthing and engaging with his life’s purpose requires a lot of inner and outer work and a lot of time.

This work is a Hero’s journey with no set schedule, that he often has to discover on his own. Until this phase is over, men just won’t commit to you.

Sometimes, he may be close enough that he feels like he can do this work with his partner at the same time. But it’s more often the case that he needs the sovereign space to fly solo in order to fully immerse himself in this quest, before emerging with more openness to joining forces with a woman and merging their journeys together.

3. They Aren’t Sure If You’ll Fit In With Their Life’s Vision Yet

Allison Armstrong, the legendary author on male/female psychology in love and relationship, made a great distinction in the way men date.

In general:

When men date women, they are “trying them on,” like a jacket.

While women’s imaginations might more automatically include the man in their future, and how to work it out, the man will more often be asking whether or not it’s even a fit, and experimenting with the edges of all their puzzle pieces.

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