5 Little Reasons Why Being An Overthinker Is Actually A Good Thing

Reasons Being Overthinker Good Thing

4. Sure, we hate small talk.

Yep. We don’t care what shows you’re watching or how you feel about the weather. Sorry not sorry that we want to actually get to know you. We want to know your dreams, your beliefs, your fears, and your thoughts on life.

Not so we can judge you or try to change your mind… so we can understand you; so we can discuss it with you; so we can have a meaningful conversation with you. Please explain to me how that’s a bad thing.

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5. Bottom line – we aren’t “over” anything. 

We see the people and world around us as intricate and interesting. So we think… we reflect… we analyze… a lot. Some may say it’s too much – and that’s fine. But we aren’t here to float through life not giving a shit about anything. We are here to root out the reasons for our relationships and learn the lessons life throws at us.

Our days are full of mysteries to solve, connections to make, and thoughts to explore. You might look at us and think we are making life more difficult… but I argue we are making it more meaningful.

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Written By Kacie Main
Originally Appeared In Thought Catalog

Now you know the reasons behind why it’s actually a good thing to be an overthinker. Deeply thinking about everything and everyone around you, gives you the power to understand everything better and on a more intimate level. So, the next time someone calls you an overthinker, take it as a compliment!

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5 Little Reasons Why Being An Overthinker Is Actually A Good Thing
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