9 Reasons She’s Going To Leave You For Another Man


(6) You are being too critical of her:

Criticism is good but being too much judgmental makes her feel bad about herself. If she’s not happy in the relationship, what’s the point of staying?

(7) You don’t give time to her:

We all are busy in our lives but if we really want to make time for our special ones, we can definitely manage that. If you don’t have time for her, she will probably be with someone who has time for her.


(8) You are boring:

Relationship is always about adding sparks. Even you don’t like boring people or things. So, if you yourself become predictable, what’s the joy for her to stay with you?


(9) You avoid discussing sensitive matters with her:

A relationship demands intimacy and this intimacy is not just physical but also emotional. If you don’t open up to her, bring out your inner insecurities in front of her, she will feel you are not allowing her into your world.

These are the reasons why she would leave you for another man.

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9 Reasons She’s Going To Leave You For Another Man