7 Reasons You Might Be Feeling Uncomfortable in Your Body Right Now

Reasons Feeling Uncomfortable in Body

7. You’re struggling to tolerate discomfort.

There’s so much about having a body that can be uncomfortable– give yourself permission to be present with and feel all of that discomfort without there being something wrong. Physical pain is uncomfortable. Emotional pain is uncomfortable. Sadness, vulnerability, and trying new things can be uncomfortable. So can cognitive dissonance, and hormone fluctuations, and bodily functions.

Discomfort is not necessarily a sign that anything is wrong however, and learning to get comfortable with discomfort instead of rejecting it will make you far more resilient when it comes to body image– as well as so many other areas of life and mental health!

You’re going to be fine, you always are.


Identify your specific sources of discomfort and then learn to tolerate (and even welcome!) them, instead of trying to reject them, push them away, fix them, or avoid them. Notice and feel the discomfort, but don’t allow yourself to attach a story about what the discomfort means, or try to fix it.

Super curious what you think and if this was helpful.

Which of these seven have you experienced?

Written by: Jessi Kneeland
Originally appeared on: Jessikneeland.com
Republished with permission.

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