The Reason Why Your Relationships Fail According To Your Zodiac Sign

 November 10, 2018

The Reason Why Your Relationships Fail According To Your Zodiac Sign


5. Leo

You happen to believe that everything you say is correct and while most of the times you might be, it is necessary to sometimes take a step back for people you love. You do not do well with coming to a compromise because for you, things you say or decide are unchangeable. This tendency makes you push people away just so you could do things the way you want to, without any exterior input. There is a lot you feel like others do not understand, but this happens because you do not give them a chance to understand. People are not deals or machines, and you are not the only one with emotions and thoughts.


6. Virgo

You cannot be satisfied. You have a problem with everything and always focus on what is negative, no matter how inconsequential those things might be. You constantly crib about how things could have been marginally better if something else was done in a situation but you do not appreciate the greater good. Your relationships do not last because of your cribbing and being miles away from any kind of positivity. For you, there is no winning and this transfers on to the person you are dating. This makes them want to push you away.


7. Libra

You are the sign of everything soft. You have a soft heart and even softer attitude and you expect the same from the world. You are naive and think that everyone around you will be a nice person- and it does not end there. Libras tend to take every joke and jibe seriously and then come the waterworks. Our Libra friends cannot deal with even an iota of criticism and think that people are trying to hurt them even when they are just joking and engaging in friendly banter. There is a lot to the world- not everyone is trying to insult you.


8. Scorpio

For you, the reason is that you do not let people around you long enough. You want things to happen right immediately and the moment you think that it is a little different from what you expected it to be, you sprint and how. You need to learn how to give people an opportunity to show how they actually are and make you see why they should be around you and how you need them and finally, they are what you wanted them to be.


9. Sagittarius

Having standards is not a bad thing, it is healthy and a simple way to find people that you deserve but if you have standards that are sky high, you can kiss all your relationships goodbye. You forget that people you date are humans as well, and they cannot be perfect all the time. It is too much to ask for, to expect that they will do exactly what you want and need all the time. Things take time and you have to learn to give this time to them and see how things pan out.


10. Capricorn

You feel like you will get hurt- no matter why. This is the reason why you have built up walls around you so high and thick that they are almost impenetrable. You fail to realise that doing this frustrates the people that you are dating, because they are trying to be your partner, someone who is trying to know and understand you. Learn to be nice and give people a chance.

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