5 Reasons Behind Anxiety Attacks in Strong Women

5 Reasons Behind Anxiety Attacks in Strong Women

Why strong women get anxiety attacks?

‘How do you keep calm always,’ one of my friends asked me the other day after a very unpleasant experience we faced at work.

‘I do. I just do. I have to,’ I could tell her. Deep down, I was anxious; deep down I was upset over whatever happened. But I would not reveal my anxiety to my friend because she got inspired by my strength; seeing me strong, she wanted to be strong too and stopped panicking.

It’s a very wrong notion that strong people are always calm and composed. We are human beings. We have our own desires and insecurities. Some express and some don’t. Strong girls are the ones who might not express their anxiety but in reality are the most anxious ones.

Here are 5 reasons which will make you understand why strongest girls are the girls who suffer from anxiety the most:

(1) She’s always battling with herself:

A strong girl has to maintain her strength, has to show her strength. She has a breakup but she cannot show her vulnerability to others. She has to fight with herself and tell herself every moment, ‘Come on, girl.

You have to be strong.’ She can’t become weak at any point. She loses her job. She tells herself, ‘You can’t be upset. Start searching for a new one.

Try harder.’ She is always trying to push herself to be strong because nobody else knows her weaknesses. She’s anxious. She is always worried about losing her strength.

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(2) She gets distracted often:

It’s easy for a strong girl to get distracted. Since she has to maintain everything, small changes in her environment affect her.

It can be a text from her ex or a stare from her crush; it can be a rebuke from her boss or false blame from her friend. She is easily affected by these things. What makes her strong is that she doesn’t let things control her life. She gears up and retains her calm.

(3) She suffers from self-consciousness:

Being a strong woman is hard. A strong woman knows that everyone is judging her, that everyone is keeping an eye on her, on how she looks, on how she behaves.

She is self-conscious. She always thinks what others would say if she does something. She always thinks what others would say if she dresses up in a particular way.

It is this anxiety in her which makes her strong. It is this anxiety in her which prevents her from being vulnerable, which makes her control herself from breaking down because she is always scared of revealing her vulnerability. She concentrates on her work.

(4) She goes back into isolation sometimes:

Sometimes, things become extremely difficult for a strong girl to handle. Sometimes, she feels like giving up. When this reaches its extreme, she takes a break.

She talks to herself, she does things which she loves, alone. She cancels plans, doesn’t pick up calls. She undergoes moments of tremendous pain and she flushes it off. Soon, she turns around, happy and strong.

(5) She lives on the edge:

A strong girl is always facing one problem or the other. She has to come out of her comfort zone and do things. She pushes herself.

It’s difficult to get peace but she doesn’t give up. She goes through stress but she recovers. She handles problems and fights back.

Strong girls are emotional. Strong girls suffer from anxiety. But they grow, they learn from their experiences. This makes them stronger.

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It is their experiences and emotions which help them to be strong and better people each new day.

5 Reasons Behind Anxiety Attacks in Strong Women
Anxiety in Strong Women.

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