13 Real-life Scary Stories By Reddit Users That Will Send A Shiver Down Your Spine

Real-life Scary Stories By Reddit Users

10. “Did you sell me a haunted house?”

I moved in with dad who lived in White Center, Washington when I was fifteen. The house technically had six floors. Although the staircases leading to each floor were only about nine or ten steps. The house’s layout was a maze of staircases leading in and out of each floor with large windows in almost every room including the basement.

My brothers and I have had numerous paranormal experiences in this house and they even told me about some before I even moved in which sent shivers down my spine. My dad never believed in ghosts and whenever my brothers and I would explain what happened while he was at work he would say, “It’s all in your heads, this house is not haunted.” Even after my stepmom went to a psychic who knew nothing of the house and stopped her session short to tell her, “Get out of your house, there is bad energy there.” He still denies everything.

It wasn’t until we finally moved out of that house that he finally had to face the facts. He sold the house to an employee of his named Cathryn, who just married and was looking for a house for her, her husband and daughter that was closer to work.

A few weeks later Cathryn rushes into my dad’s office and closes the door. “Excuse me, John, did you sell me a haunted house,” she asks. “Don’t be ridiculous Cathryn, there are no such things as ghosts” he replied. “My daughter told me there have been people who come to visit here every night since we moved in. They told her, “They don’t like us and want us out of the house.” She explains while half crying. 

Cathryn and her family moved out of the house soon after. My dad still says he doesn’t believe in ghosts but when my brothers and I tell him about stories and experiences we have had there. He quickly changes the subject.

Posted by u/TheWhitePeanut

11. “Party time”

“My great aunt woke up in the middle of the night, she heard her dog making these low growls. She was single at the time and living alone in her ranch-style home. She walked out to her living room to check things out. She didn’t see or hear anything out of the ordinary, so she decided to make sure her door and front windows were locked.

The door was locked, the first window she checked was locked. When she lifted the mini blind on the second window, it was wide open and a guy in a ski mask was standing there. She said he laughed this evil laugh and said “party time” then he started to climb in. She screamed that she had a gun, and her dog started barking his head off. The would-be rapist decided to bolt. My aunt did get a gun after that and learned how to use it.” 

Posted by belai437

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