Real Connections Are Rare

Rinku Shah

Real connections are rare
Forced ones, a snare
So be aware!

Jacques Gallant

The power of love
that connect souls together

Stacy Lyn

A charge
met by love
creates electricity
of the minds.

Karthik Parthasarathy

When we met,
And we spoke,
Sparks flew,
Love was in the air.
Was it your eyes?
Was it my words?
What generated the electricity?
Doesn’t matter as long as love flows.

M Jeyaram

Lightning of great awakening
strikes between two souls
when there is metaphysical love.
Everything else is passing clouds.

Rinku Shah

You will know it when the connection…
Ignites a spark,
The energy is electric,
The chemistry uncanny,
Unplugged and yet undeniable.
A soul connection…
And you’ll know it!

Nancy Shurkoff

An electric connection,
you and me.
The spark has been triggered,
or so it seems.
Is it lust or is it love?
Simple erotica won’t be enough.

Sulekha Pande

Let’s connect
Let our love bloom,
let me love you,
and dissipate your gloom

Nuhrez Khan

Let’s get plugged in.

Faith Dunsmuir

The power of love

Ananya Sharma

When the subconscious energies meet,
there is an instant connection
amalgamation of souls.

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