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Will Microgaming Push a New Era of Gambling Addiction Recovery?

Will Microgaming Push a New Era of Gambling Addiction Recovery?

Gambling addiction is a recurring problem within the industry. As one of the largest and most established providers of online casino games in the world, Microgaming has a huge responsibility to help users recover from problem gambling.

The company provides casinos with hundreds of different games and must, therefore, care for the people who use their titles on a daily basis and ensure a sustainable future for the industry. Microgaming is approved by NAFGAH (the North American Foundation for Gambling Addiction Help) as one of the industry leaders in terms of responsible gaming. This organization monitors how software providers meet the standards and participate in addiction treatment. While launching new solutions, Microgaming pursue the aim to deliver the best experience and promote responsible gaming with improved transparency.

The problem of gambling addiction

When people become addicted to gambling, they literally cannot stop. Regardless of their losses, they will have an inherent urge to continue which can be hugely damaging. Players can lose thousands of dollars in minutes and fall into a deadly spiral of debt. Furthermore, they can experience stress and anxiety which could lead to severe health problems.

How does Microgaming promote responsible gambling?

Microgaming actually does a great deal to ensure their games don’t have a negative impact on players’ health. First and foremost, they are regulated by several authorities. All products of the company are licenced and controlled which is the basis of a healthy attitude. Casinos powered by this provider are obliged to track suspicious activity that may give a warning of addiction. Also, their games include mechanisms that can help reduce the chance of being swallowed up by playing.

What is more, Microgaming participates in the process of educating the public on topics related to emotional health and stability. They were actively engaged in the first ever Responsible Gambling Week in the UK. In May 2018, the company has donated £12,680 to the Young Gambler’s Education Trust charity that increases awareness of youth wagering and helps people make better choices by informing them. Microgaming truly is a pioneer among software producers that looks at the industry from different perspectives and has an adequate attitude towards the dangers their products may represent in case of ill-advised actions or mere ignorance.

Inclusion in important regulatory organizations

To prevent addiction and ensure a high level of development, Microgaming is associated with several organizations:

  • If a company is certified by eCOGRA, you can be sure that it produces quality and fair games. eCOGRA tests Microgaming offerings and audits their business practices. This will help minimize any unfair payouts or mechanisms that could cause addiction.
  • Gambling Commission. This regulatory body was formed after the2005 Gambling Act and upholds laws associated with online wagering. The commission verifies software developers in accordance with standards.
  • The Interactive Gaming Council. IGC has jurisdiction over many countries and provides an open dialogue between development companies and the public. They actively promote responsible gambling.
  • The Remote Gambling Association. RGA analyzes legal issues within the industry and other matters, such as addiction. This organization has close ties with Microgaming and educates developers and gamers about the potential harm problem gambling can cause.

Microgaming’s cooperation with these regulatory bodies demonstrates a strong commitment to responsible gaming. Aside from ethical business practices, the provider also has certain helpful features within its games.

Strict prevention of underage gambling

To help reduce the chance of impressionable youngsters becoming addicted to online gambling, Microgaming promotes an underage policy. All of their games come with this warning, and casinos that offer their products exclude users under the full legal age. Additionally, they provide information on child protection and offer parental advice on monitoring online activities.

Limits and exclusion

Casinos powered by Microgaming also feature self-limiting settings. If you feel you may develop a problem, you can set a limit of what you can spend. This can minimize a possible damage.

Autoplay feature

Finally, the autoplay feature enables the game to run automatically – you can set a monetary limit and it won’t go above that. This can help people exercise self-control and reduce the addiction factor.

What does the future hold in terms of gambling addiction recovery?

As one of the major produces, Microgaming certainly has a great deal of responsibility. Distributing slots, card and live dealer games, they have a direct influence on how severe a person’s addiction could be. As the whole industry is shifting towards responsible gambling, software companies must be an inevitable part of it.

Whilst Microgaming is certainly on the right track, it is clear that more can be done. Complying to regulations and including safeguarding features in their games have to be considered as just a normality. It’s becoming more of an issue of casinos that interact with the end consumer – they definitely should push forward gambling addiction recovery and promote healthy gaming. By cooperating with trusted providers that care about these issues, platforms make their initial steps to stable and healthy operation.

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