What Are Soulmates? 3 Theories That Will Take Your Breath Away


Everyone is looking for their soulmate (or is happy to have found them). But what are soulmates? Click here for some theories that will blow you away.

Do you believe in true love?

Soulmates are the embodiment of this theory of one true love. It’s the idea that somewhere out there is your ideal partner, your other half, and the person you’ve always been destined to be with. 

But, whilst the overall concept is the same, there are a lot of different theories answering the questions what are soulmates? and how do we find our soulmate?. In fact, people have been working on ideas to answer these questions for thousands of years!

If you’d like to learn more, take a look at these three different theories about soulmates. 

1. What Are Soulmates According to Plato?

Thousands of years ago, Plato – one of the greatest philosophers of all time – was looking to answer the question of how do soulmates work? and pondering over true love. He even wrote about soulmates in his text The Symposium. In the tale, told by Aristophanes, he looks at how soulmates were actually created by the God Zeus, and it’s a little gruesome!

In this theory, there used to be three types of human; women, men, and a being that combined both sexes. The latter had four arms, four legs, and both sets of genitalia. 

As the people lived, they began to wonder whether they could take the place of the Gods. Of course, the Gods didn’t like this at all, and it was eventually agreed that Zeus would split each being in half to reduce their powers. When he did, he created soulmates; two halves of the same original being, looking for each other. 

2. Twin Flame Number for Soulmates

Another theory about soulmates is the idea of twin flame numbers. This is a slightly more modern idea than Plato’s theory and it’s believed by a lot of people today. The idea is that you and your soulmate are twin flames, on a journey destined to intertwine.

When you grow close to meeting your soulmate or even find them, you’ll see the same sequences and patterns all the time. You might not even notice it, but this is the universe telling you you’re both in the right place and there’s a chance for a harmonious union.

If you’re wondering how to find my soulmate? look for the signs! The universe is pointing you in the right direction. 

3. A Past Life’s Love

A beautiful theory answering what is a soulmate? comes from Buddhism. In the religion, Buddhists believe we are reborn time and time again, and that death is simply the door to another life. 

In each life, we bring relationships from the past which carry over. Your soulmate might be someone you’ve met – and loved – many times before, and in each life, you become drawn to each other. The idea of infinite and endless love is wonderful. 

Have You Found Your Soulmate?

Whichever theory for what are soulmates? you look at, there’s a running theme that we all have a soulmate. If you haven’t found yours yet, don’t worry! Divine timing will lead them to you and bring your souls together, and you’ll never have to wonder is he my soulmate? or is she my soulmate? ever again. 

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