Warning Signs of Extreme Mental and Emotional Exhaustion

Mental and Emotional Exhaustion 1

Warning Signs of Extreme Mental and Emotional Exhaustion

Going up and down on the rollercoaster of life can be extremely exhausting. In an instant, one can move from their best to the lowest. Despite being exciting, this is not the case when one is constantly experiencing lows with a few highs. The ride stops being exciting and turns into a depression-inducing adventure. An individual becomes emotionally drained.

Emotional and mental exhaustion is not an uncommon condition. However, very few people know how to identify that they are drained and need some time to re-energize and rejuvenate. Because of the lack of understanding of the signs and symptoms of being emotionally and mentally drained, most people keep working and thus leading to more mental and emotional health deterioration.

Virtually anyone can experience emotional and mental exhaustion from working – from professionals to students. Over the last few years, the prevalence of depression among college students particularly has increased due to mental and emotional exhaustion. These students who have a lot on their plates are necessitated to seek help with their school work as a way to cope with the burn out that comes with dealing with numerous assignments and papers. As such, there is an increase in the number of students searching for “website that writes essays for you.” Despite this measure not being a long-term solution, it has helped many students deal with the exhaustion of having too many engagements.

Signs of Extreme Mental and Emotional Exhaustion:

This article explores some of the tell-tale symptoms and signs of emotional and mental exhaustion. These symptoms may disrupt an individual’s normal life, adversely affecting their relationships and productivity. These signs include:

1. Getting easily irritated

The most common way that emotional exhaustion manifests is in how easily someone gets irritated. Fits of abject rage that are out of the norm are a surefire way to tell that an individual has had a lot to deal with both mentally and emotionally.

Trivial things such as a partner’s chewing sounds or a co-worker’s predilection to use Sans font instead of Times New Roman could tick you off instead of blocking them out like you usually do. Being emotionally drained makes one super sensitive to the most inconsequential irritations. Instead of dealing with the cause of their issues, individuals are more inclined to direct their anger to other peripheral factors except the ones causing them the emotional anguish.

2. Total lack of motivation

With mental and emotional exhaustion comes the lack of wherewithal to do the tasks that one would usually be excited to handle. An individual always feels like they are incapable of getting work done. The goals that once made you psyched to get up every day and go to work start to look and feel like they are adequate anymore. This is especially complicated for employees and students to contend with since, at school or the workplace, there are deadlines to meet for numerous tasks.

3. Experiencing bouts of anxiety

As a consequence of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, an individual feels more stressed than normal. Anxiety and panic attacks become almost daily occurrences. One gets unnecessary worries and always anxious about the smallest things.

4. Feeling detached from the world

Another common symptom of suffering from exhaustion is the feeling of complete detachment from everybody and everything, even the things that one loved once before. When one is experiencing mental exhaustion, virtually nothing affects them anymore.

5. The emotional breakdown for absolutely no reason

When an individual is mentally, physically, or emotionally exhausted, they lose the strength to deal with situations that are challenging. On almost a daily basis, the stress that they are experiencing becomes more intense. As a result of the compounding stress, they finally get to a point where they cannot deal with the pressure anymore and thus breaking down emotionally and crying even because of the most trivial things.

6. Deteriorating physical health

When an individual is going through a low in their life, they lose the psyche to take care of their physical health. Basic things like eating well and taking showers become tedious. One even loses their appetite completely. Consequently, their physical health deteriorates and leaving one looking sickly and weak.

7. Insomnia

Lack of sleep is a symptom associated with numerous things in an individual’s health, and one of those things is emotional and mental exhaustion. Feeling overwhelmingly exhausted makes it extremely difficult for an individual to feel calm and get sleep. An individual could be feeling exhaustion all the time, but they can’t sleep since their thoughts are circling at high speed through their minds, and they can’t seem to break this loop.

Conclusion on Mental and Emotional Exhaustion and its Growing Prevalence

Emotional and mental exhaustion is a treatable condition. The most effective way to deal with this condition is by dealing with the stress agent or the factor that triggers stress in an individual. If one’s work causes exhaustion, for instance, it may be helpful to try switching jobs. However, if it is impossible to eradicate the stress agent, it is advisable to maximize the available resources in coping with the condition.

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